Fitness Classes

Gentle and Yin Yoga - All Levels:

Start Date - Wednesday May 4th, 6:15-7:30 pm
8 week session - $145 per person/per session
Students to bring yoga mat, blanket or towel and Yoga Blocks - 2 4" Foam Blocks (Yoga Accessories, or Wegmans sells them)

About me:

Amber B Skylar  used to teach yoga at Lifetime Fitness in Sterling.  She had 65+ students in her classes.  Her ability to listen to people, and to create learning as well as a deeply relaxing environment lead to her reputation in the Northern Virginia area as a Master Trainer and Educator.  She has owned and operated her own yoga studio (Yoga With Amber, Roots Yoga Studio) designed, wrote and delivered her own  Yoga Teaching Training Programs (Yin, Alignment Based, Therapeutic, Fitness) , developed corporate programs for pain and stress, and  wrote and published her  first  book, Colors of Amber.  Inspired, curious and passionate about learning, she has explored and trained in courses including, Neuroscience, Pain and Stress Management, Molecular Biology, Quantum Physics, Cancer and Exercise, the study of all 11 systems of the human body, and continues her education in Nanotechnology and its role in the future of health, Epigenetics, PTSD, and the list continues. 

Through social media, on-line training's and publications, and most importantly through experience, Amber actively seeks out new innovative approaches to health and wellness.  She brings a holistic approach to health and to all of her instructional platforms whether its yoga, private yoga, or corporate programs.  Yoga with Amber, Roots Yoga School LLC, located in Ashburn, Virginia, e-RYT, RYS.

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