Trash & Recycling

Republic Services/AAA provides the Proprietary's waste removal services. Trash and recycling removal fees are included in your monthly HOA assessments.   

  • All items should be placed on the curb prior to 7:00 a.m. If we are experiencing high winds please be sure to secure the cans so they do not blow trash through out the community.
  • To arrange for pick up for a large item please call 703-818-8222 to give them prior notice. Certain items may be subject to a pick up fee.
  • Any changes to the regularly scheduled trash collection days will be posted on this website and on the SR Facebook page.
  • Trash cans are available in 65 or 96 gallon.
  • If you need a replacement can please email them at

Trash collection days Mondays and Thursdays

Mondays - trash and yard debris collection
Thursdays - trash and recycling collection

There will be trash and recycling removal on all holidays, with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Should any of these holidays fall on a collection day, collections will be made on the next regularly scheduled collection day.  Check this website and the South Riding Facebook page for information about special trash/recycling pickups during holidays.

Lidded 64-gallon wheeled recycling bins can be obtained free of charge.   ALL recyclable materials can be collected in this cart and wheeled to the curb on recycling day (Thursday).  
The Loudoun County Department of General Services has produced a new residential recycling guide.  We recycled 117,000 tons in 2014, 63% of which was bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard!
Local Electronics Recycling Options
Paper Shredding/Document Destruction Services
A-Z Local Recycling Resources
Recycling Drop-Off Centers

Yard Waste

Beginning, March 1, 2017, Republic Services will only collect a maximum of 10 bags of grass clippings or leaves and/or 10 bundles of brush in biodegradable paper bags or reusable containers. PLASTIC BAGS WILL NO LONGER BE SERVICED.

Disposal of Paint

Republic Services Trash Company does NOT remove wet paint.

Please mix kitty litter, mulch or a product called paint hardener (available at Home Depot for $3-$10) into your leftover latex or water-based paints and wood stains. These items absorb and harden the paint or stain and then you can put them out at the curb for collection with your regular trash. Once the cans are dry, prop the cans open at the curb for pick up.

When a can is placed in the trash, a spill can occur on the road or in the truck. This not only affects the community, but also their trucks. When spills occur, Republic Services is required to pull trucks from the route for cleaning and maintenance which then causes a delay in service.

Wet paint must be taken directly to the landfill. Any costs associated with cleaning the paint from the streets or the trash truck are the responsibility of the individual(s) who place the paint at the curb. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Christmas Tree Recycling

AAA offers a curbside pick up of Christmas tree for recycling on the first two Mondays in January. 
Christmas trees may also be dropped off for recycling at the special collection dumpsters located behind Town Hall in the rear parking lot (next to tennis courts) through mid-January. Christmas trees will be mixed with other natural woods and recycled into mulch at the Loudoun County landfill.  Free mulch will be available at the landfill while supplies last.

For either recycling method, please remove lights, ornaments, stand, and other materials before placing curbside or dropping off.  Trees should not be placed in bags.  Wreaths and artificial trees are not accepted due to the wire used in their construction.  

For more information on AAA Services Provided, please click here.