2018 Budget & Assessments

Sep 11, 2017

In August, the Budget and Finance Committee conducted a joint meeting with the Board to review and refine the draft 2018 Budget. In September, the Board of Directors approved a Budget for 2018 that will hold your assessment rates at current levels. The Budget in its entirety is available upon request and will be ratified at the October Board of Directors meeting.

Assessment Summary
January 1 – December 31, 2018  

Detached Homes:   $78.35     
(Common Expense $37.81, Recreation Expense $15.74 & Detached Home $24.79)

Detached Homes w/ Common Drive: $94.50      
(Common Expense $37.81, Recreation Expense $15.74 & Detached Home $24.79 Common Drive $16.17)
Common Drives are SRP maintained alleys, roads and streets.

Townhomes    $88.05     
(Common Expense $37.81, Recreation Expense $15.74 & Townhouse $34.51)

Lakeside Condominium Units:          $53.55     
Amberlea Condominium Units:         $68.65      
Town Center Condominiums Units:  $68.65    
This amount represents the amount paid to SRP. Please contact your management company for your monthly assessments.  

Assessments are rounded to the nearest $.05

These are the amounts set by the Board of Directors that the Owners will pay in 2018, and which are necessary to meet the expenses of the annual budget.  The governing documents of South Riding provide for annual, automatic assessment increases.

A copy of the complete budget can be found here.