2018 Board of Directors Election

Apr 17, 2018

Votes for the 2018 Board of Directors election may be cast through May 23, 2018.  Online voting will end at 11:59pm and paper ballots must be received at Town Hall by 5pm.  

Your vote is extremely important since a quorum of 10% of owners is required for a valid election. 

Cast your vote one of three ways:  by mail, drop off or online. 


• Detach your paper proxy/ballot (page 11) from the election mailer received at your home.

• Please print your name, date, and sign the paper proxy/ballot.

• Once completed place the proxy/ballot in the pre paid envelope provided in the mailer and mail in time for it to be received by 5pm on May 23rd or drop off to Town Hall (43055 Center Street).

• In the event that multiple proxies/ballots are received from any lot owner, the last dated proxy/ballot will be counted.

• A proxy/ballot form, once submitted, may be revoked only by written notice to the Treasurer prior to the annual meeting.


To access the South Riding Proprietary online ballot.
• Login at the top right corner of this website, if you do not have a login click the “Register” button to create a login.

• Once logged in: go to “My Profile” top right

• Scroll down to 2018 Board of Directors Election and follow the instructions to submit your vote.

• The last electronically transmitted proxy/ballot will be counted.

Meet the candidates 

  • May 3rd  Meet the candidates at the Board Meeting 7pm
  • May 5th  Meeting the candidates at the Spring Fest 1-4pm

All events will take place at South Riding Center, 42420 Unicorn Drive.