Envision Loudoun Updates

Apr 06, 2018

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has forwarded the draft Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan to the Planning Commission for further consideration and recommendation. The Board’s action during its July 19, 2018 business meeting follows the most recent review and input by members of the public in May.

The new plan will include the General Plan and the Countywide Transportation Plan. It will serve as the county government’s guide for land use and transportation policy for the future.

The Envision Loudoun Stakeholders Committee concluded its work, which began in June 2016, on July 9, 2018. The volunteer Stakeholders Committee held 35 meetings that totaled over 150 hours. During their 18 months of work, the Committee members considered the public input received and provided guidance and recommendations on numerous policies, strategies, and actions for redevelopment, revitalization, and infill; growth management; rural policies; green infrastructure; housing; public facilities; economic development; and transportation infrastructure.

“While we have made great progress through the Envision Loudoun process, there are still items to address as we move forward,” said Deputy County Administrator Charles Yudd, who oversees the project. “We expect to do that with the Planning Commission, who will be working throughout the fall to review and refine the plan.”

As part of its final deliberations, the Stakeholders Committee endorsed a list of recommendations, which are detailed in the July 19 staff report. The Planning Commission will now consider the recommendations and the draft plan over the coming weeks.

As part of the review process, the Commission will consider Fiscal Impact Model results and Travel Demand Model results, which serve as analytical indicators of the impacts of the draft Plan compared to the County’s existing Revised General Plan and the Countywide Transportation Plan.  These models consider the potential impact of the Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan, weighing the estimated future demand for residential, business, and office development against the limits placed on that development by the plan’s parameters for land use.

“During the next phase of this process, the County will hold public hearings to gain additional feedback from community members,” said Department of Planning and Zoning Deputy Director Alaina Ray, who serves as the Envision Loudoun project manager. “While the Stakeholders Committee considered comments from more than 2,500 members of the Loudoun community who participated in the Envision Loudoun process, there will be opportunities for additional public comment during this next phase.”

The Board is slated to review the Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan in January 2019. Once the Board has received the Planning Commission’s recommendations and determined that the draft plan is ready for adoption, the draft Countywide Transportation Plan will be forwarded to the Virginia Department of Transportation for review, after which the Board will vote on the adoption of the overall Comprehensive Plan.

A copy of the draft plan and more information about the process is posted at loudoun.gov/Loudoun2040.