Apr 11, 2017

SIDEWALK MAINTENANCE WILL BE PERFORMED starting THURSDAY, April 20th at the following locations:

Bennett Street, Cedar Hedge Street, Crossfield Drive, Dabner Drive, Donegal Drive, Flintonbridge Drive, Fretton Square, Hartwood Drive, Intrepid Street, Jubilee Street, Kaiser Place, Lands End Drive, Latrobe Street, Leonard Drive, Mandeville Drive, Newcastle Drive, Nimbleton Square, Oleary Lane, Parish Street, Primanti Street, Quits Pond Court, Rolling Rock Square, Scarlet Square, Springdale Drive

For 4 days if there are any rain delays maintenance will be completed at a later date

All sidewalks to be repaired or replaced
will be marked with an ORANGE “BP”.

 Please move your vehicle away from the marked sidewalk by 7:30 a.m.
 Please flag/mark all sprinklers/irrigation and invisible fencing near the work area.
 South Riding Proprietary is not responsible for damage to irrigation or invisible fencing placed within easements or that is not setback to allow for reasonable maintenance.

This process does take a couple of days to complete, so your patience is appreciated and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
Please do not walk on any area being installed with new concrete for a minimum of 72 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Proprietary at      or 703-327-4390.