VDOT Crack Filling & Pavement Preservation Treatments

Aug 23, 2017

Preservation Treatment Application

The slurry seal pavement preservation treatment application has been scheduled.

We recommend residents go to neighborhoodslurry.com and at least read through the “Must Know Info” section to understand the treatments, process and help them avoid any trouble or delays during the project. It’s also crucial to educate residents on the process that occurs after the treatments have been applied and what they can and should expect.

And to see exactly what area streets are on the schedule, residents can go to VDOT’s interactive map of all projects at VirginiaDOT.org/NOVApaving.


Crack Fill

Slurry Pavers Inc. and their approved Sub-Contractor’s will perform application of the crack fill material.

These are fast operations that only impact the locations marked and where ‘No Parking’ signage is posted.

Contractor will maintain safe traffic flow during these operations. Full access parking will be available after operations in the specified areas that are complete and at the end of the work days. This schedule is based off of the Contractor’s submitted work schedule and may be impacted by weather.

Contractor may arrive on site before the start time of 8:00AM to prepare for work.

Equipment will be parked at various locations during the progression of work and at the end of the work shift. No entrances or family recreation areas will be impacted by this equipment parking.

Here is a link to a video showing the crack-seal operation in the first part of the “Must Know Info” section of the neighborhoodslurry.com website that gives folks an idea of how that works. It’s a pretty quick and non-intrusive process.

Project concerns can be directed to 804-716-7860.


 1248    Donegal Drive
 1263    Center Street
 2237    Edgewater Street
 2657    Nations Street
 2658    Dabner Drive
 2663    Flyaway Court, Howerton Drive
 2664    Freedom Street
 2665    Newcastle Drive, Mimosa Tree Court
 2666    Longacre Drive
 2667    Dapper Court
 2668    Arthur Place, Lemon Tree Place
 2669    Lennox Court
 2670    Flemming Drive
 2675    Crossfield Drive
 2676    Gimbel Drive
 2677    Chambers Drive  2678    Bradshaw Drive
 2679    Harris Street
 2680    Carrington Drive
 2681    Mandolin Street
 2682    Magistrate Court
 2782    Shernando Court
 3150    Unicorn Drive
 3151    Pelican Drive, Talent Street
 3152    Friendship Street
 3153    Equality Street
 3154    Justice Drive
 3155    Stires Drive, Lewiston Drive
 3156    Fairbanks Place
 3157    Wray Street
 3158    Ulysses Street
 3159    Eisenhower Drive