Dulles South Skate Park

This park is a 5,600 square-foot park which accommodates skateboards, inline skates, and non-motorized scooters with concrete features including ramps, rails, stairs, stacked ledges, floating quarter pipes, and a pump bump.It is located at the Dulles South Recreation and Community Center at 24950 Riding Center Drive and is open to all county residents from dawn to dusk.

Park construction was funded by South Riding Proprietary, however, Loudoun County owns the land and provides park maintenance. Questions regarding this park may be directed to them at (571) 258-3456.

The skate facility represents a collaborative effort by the Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services and the South Riding Proprietary to provide safe recreational skateboarding opportunities for community youth.

Skaters are required to wear safety equipment (helmets, knee pads, and closed toe shoes) and shirts at all times.

Please call the non-emergency Sheriff’s Department at 703-777-1021 if you suspect vandals or other illegal activities.