Neighborhood Watch Committee Meeting July 11

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Meeting Date and Time: Monday, July 11, 2011, 7:00pm

Meeting Location:  43055 Center Street

Present:  Shawn Huycke, Bill McMullan, Ram Kuppuswami, Ken Smith, Steve Schoenly, Jerry Barton, Cameron Smith, Abby Hardin, Anna Himes, and Sudhindra Chillariage, Ram Kuppuswami, John Maier

Also attending:  Jeff Smith (Staff)

Call to Order 7:05 pm by Chair Shawn Huycke.

1. No electronic recording of the meeting

2. Resident Comment Period – None

3. Approval of June 2011 Meeting Minutes – motion entered by Cameron Smith, seconded by Jerry Barton.

4. Review of crime log – staff told to watch all pools

5. Budget Jeff/Ken – keeping the same as last year

6. Patroller Issues - Steve
a. Recent crime areas - pools.

7. Committee Membership – Shawn no emails back from the list at yard sale

8. NNO – tasks
a. Union Tae Kwon Do – start 7:15
b. Bill delivered all the letters
c. ABC might come out
d. Loudoun hounds mascot coming

Meeting adjourned: 7:46 pm – motion entered by Cameron Smith and seconded by Anna Himes.

Next Neighborhood Watch Committee Meeting: Monday, August 1, 2011, 7pm at the Town Hall, 43055 Center Street.

Christine Bean emailed Scoops 2 U to confirm date and will update committee when she hears back.