Neighborhood Watch Meeting August 1

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Meeting Location: South Riding Town Hall

1) Call to Order 7:03pm.

2) Electronic or other recording - No

3) Approval of July 2011 Minutes 1. Ram Kuppuswami 2. Anna Himes

4) Review of crime report

5) Budget – Jeff/Ken – staying the same as 2011

6) Patroller Issues – Steve – 1 team doing ride for the whole month, email by Randy and Eric. Asking to have sheriff cruise peacock mkt sq. after concerts due to kids in large groups hanging out.
a) Recent crime areas – Hutchinson Knoll

7) Committee Membership – Shawn – same 11

8) Fall yard sale – September 10th
a) The yard sale will occur before the next committee meeting. If the committee is participating, volunteers will need to be identified at this meeting – Shawn has list

9) NNO – final details! – ABC is coming, 2 targets showing up, 2 fire depts., hounds declined, chik fil a coming, Bloom, Harris Teeter & Giant all donating totaling $250
a) Thank you letters

Meeting Adjourn 7:51pm 1. Ram Kuppaswani 2. Cameron Smith

Next Neighborhood Watch Meeting:  September 12th, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
Location: South Riding Town Hall