Neighborhood Watch Meeting September 12 at SRC

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Meeting Date and Time: Monday, September 12, 2011, 7:00pm
Meeting Location:  42420 Unicorn Drive
Present:  Shawn Huycke, Bill McMullan, Ram Kuppuswami, Ken Smith, Steve Schoenly, Jerry Barton, Cameron Smith, Anna Himes
Also attending:  Jeff Smith (Staff), Nicole Pilkus (BOD), Deputy Payne (LCSO)
Resident Attendance: Rebecca Wood, Terri Lange and Terence Fangyen

Call to Order 7:02 pm by Chair Shawn Huycke.

1.   No electronic recording of the meeting

2.  Resident Comment Period – None

3.  Approval of August 2011 Meeting Minutes – Minutes will be approved at next meeting.

4.  Review of crime log – Nicole to write an article for the Nov. Magazine about open garage doors.  Start leaving letters on doors of those residents with open garage doors.

5.  Budget Jeff/Ken – need remaining balance of budget for 2011, have Christine send to us.

6.  Patroller Issues (Steve) – 3 new patrollers, new schedule in a couple of weeks.
a.  Recent crime areas – area by old sales center has lots of recent activity.

7.  Committee Membership (Shawn) – 11 members, no changes

8.  Fall Yard Sale – September 24th – looking for volunteers, email Shawn if interested

9.  NNO – final details
a.  Expenses
      i.  We had fewer donations this year – our costs were higher  - check budget
      ii.  Pay any final expenses – Ram turned in receipt.
b. Thank you letters – Bill will hand deliver

10.  Upcoming Events
a.  Halloween Parade – Sunday October 30th
     i.  We’ll need to buy juice boxes and candy. We’ll also need volunteers.
b.  Patroller Dinner    
     i.  We need to contact Capt. Leonard and schedule the station for whatever date we pick (Dec 5th or 12th are possibilities) – Shawn to email

Meeting adjourned: 7:56 pm – motion entered by Anna Himes and seconded by Cameron Smith.