Recreation & Grounds Meeting Jan 9

Recreation & Grounds Committee

The January 9, 2012 meeting of the Recreation and Grounds Committee, held at South Riding Center was called to order at 6:33 p.m., by, Charlene Jones, Committee Chair.

Members Attending: Charlene Jones, Mark Henderson, Steve Sebestyen, Marge Morales, Luis Pitarque, Donna Mines, Ken Walsh
Board Liaison:  Dave Smith, attended.
Members Absent: none
Staff Attending:  Farah Scruggs
Guests Attending:  Jeff Salmon, Saurabti Mittal

Resident Comments: On behalf of sections 80 & 81, Steve Sebestyen has proposed a playground be installed at  the Amberlea Townhomes off of Riding Center Drive.  The playground would benefit the surrounding communities as well as all of South Riding. Steve is in contact with Toll discussing when bond release is scheduled.

Approval of the Minutes:  Luis Pitarque moved to approve the December 2011 Recreation & Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded by Steve Sebestyen.  The minutes were approved unanimously with Donna Mines abstaining.


Chair Report: Charlene Jones

Charlene reminded the committee that all documents distributed to Recreation and Grounds remain within the committee. No documents should be distributed to the public or non-committee members until they have gone through all the proper channels.

Board Report: Dave Smith

South Riding Proprietary has closed on the property purchased for the future maintenance facility. Updates on the property/facility will be given when available.

Operations/Recreation Report: Farah Scruggs

  • Overall pool statistics and individual pool statistics were compiled and added in the Recreation & Events Department Board packet for review. These will also be sent to the pool working group by staff.
  • Staff is still working to implement new recreation events, including fitness instructors for aerobic dance classes and working with the Events Manager to improve existing events.
  • Staff has been working with Hadsell Sun & Shade to repair the broken / missing pool cover anchors at each pool. The anchors have been ordered and the Operations Department will install them upon arrival.

Loudoun County Parks & Recreation: Paul Goudeau

  • Preschool and camp registration is underway and the Dulles South Multi-Purpose Center is preparing for 2012.
  • DSMPC has reorganized staffing so the skate park can be monitored more efficiently. In the spring of 2012 they will be performing maintenance on the skate park to alleviate some safety issues. The fence will be expanded and all ground areas will be concreted.
  • Phase 2 of the DSMPC is still on track for November of 2014. 
  • The committee inquired about the desire for a community garden and all questions concerning this should be directed to the Loudoun County Parks & Recreation Director.

Pending Business:

Fishing Pier – The pier is substantially completed. In order for completion the pier must be handicap accessible and they are working toward a suitable transition from the shore to the pier.

Hyland Hills Pool Expansion – Staff met with Miller Architects and Brian Martin from Urban Engineering on December 6, 2011 to discuss projected county permits needed and timelines for obtaining these permits. Phasing of the renovation was also discussed. Miller Architects are working on pricing and design plans.  Staff will update the committee on the expansion when more information becomes available.

Talent Street Natural Area-Staff contacted the suggested consultant, Jeff Wolinski, to inquire about what restoration services he could provide SR.  Mr. Wolinski replied and staff spoke to him over the phone and stated he is more than happy to provide a consult for a fee.  The committee suggested staff look into other consultants in the area for information. Staff will contact the National Wildlife Federation to see if they provide any services as well. An Adopt-a-spot application was requested from Diane & Roger Frazier but has not yet been received.

Business Activity Permit- Staff collected more information concerning charging a percentage of gross income from businesses as a facility use fee. The committee stated they would feel more comfortable with a one-time “application” fee than a percentage of gross monthly income being charged. Staff will create an amended facility use agreement which includes this as an option for review in February 2012.

New Business:

Discuss committee goals and projects for 2012-  Committee reviewed the Parcel Planning community needs from 7/17/2006.  The majority of the community needs have been met and new goals have been discussed as follows:

  • Enhancement of Mink Meadows Park area. Adding signage and cemented picnic tables to prevent vandalism.
  • Complete the fishing pier and chose a location for a future pier.
  • Pursue an amphitheater/stage adjacent to SRC.
  • Complete / move forward with the Hyland Hills Pool renovation.
  • Pursue Dog Park area for SR.

The Committee will also review the updated map of SR at an upcoming meeting to find other potential SR areas that could use improvement.

Tennis Request for Proposals

The committee requested that three pros be invited to the February meeting to present their programming. Staff will send out a RFP and set up a time for them to present their proposals at the next Recreation and Grounds Meeting.


Mark Henderson moved to recommend to the Board of Directors to appoint Saurabh Mittal as a member of the Recreation and Grounds Committee for a one year term. The motion was seconded by Marge Morales.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Meeting adjourned: Donna Mines moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15p.m. The motion was seconded by Mark Henderson.  The motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting: Monday, February 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm. Town Hall.