Recreation and Grounds Meeting October 10

Recreation & Grounds Committee

The October 10, 2011 meeting of the Recreation and Grounds Committee, held at Town Hall was called to order at 6:34 p.m. by, Charlene Jones, Committee Chair.

Members Attending:  Charlene Jones, Donna Mines, Steve Sebestyen, Marge Morales and Luis Pitarque, Ken Walsh, Mark Henderson,
Board Liaison:  Dave Smith did not attend.
Staff Attending:  Elaine Stoner
Guests Attending:  Mark Zigadlo, 42493 Flemming Drive – Adopt-A-Spot Application

Resident Comments: None

Approval of the Minutes:  Marge Morales moved to approve the September 12, 2011 Recreation & Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes.  The motion was seconded by Luis Pitarque.  Ken Walsh abstained.


Charlene Jones

  • Charlene discussed having the meetings switched back to 7 pm time staring in January. It will be discussed further.
  • Recreation & Grounds will have their December 12th meeting at SRC and have their annual holiday dinner.

Elaine Stoner/Farah Scruggs

  • All pools have been closed and winterized for the season.
  • Ground wiring for Meadows Pool and Hyland Hills Pool will be scheduled next March for the opening of pool season
  • Requested a proposal from Miracle Playground to replace the border around the Burkedale Park.
  • Requesting the committee review the Cardiovascular Outdoor Training equipment for a highly utilized park such as Hyland Hills Park or Owen Park.

Pending Business:

  • Fishing Pier – Board approved low bid from Potomac Pile Driver and authorized the budget not to exceed $60,000.  Staff will working on obtaining building permits from Loudoun County.
  • Hyland Hills Pool Expansion – the Board approved the feasibility study from Miller Architects.  The first meeting is scheduled for October 17, 2011.
  • Dog Park at Elk Lick North – County Planning staff is working on the project.
  • Dog Waste Station on Justice Drive - Staff has reviewed the criteria for a dog waste station in the area proposed and has found this area does not meet criteria. However, Justice Drive does not have a dog waste station and we suggest another location be reviewed.

Donna Mines moved to approve a waste station on Justice Drive. Steve Sebestyen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. 

New Business

Enhance-a-Spot Application on Flemming Drive- The Committee received an Enhance a Spot Application from Mark Zigadlo at 42493 Flemming Drive requesting that he be able to maintain the common area behind his home since it was an easement for a French drain installed by the builder. Mark Zigaldo was present at the meeting to discuss further with the committee.
Luis Pitarque moved to approve the application with the stipulation that only the existing sod be mowed and no other improvements will be permitted. The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh. The motion passed unanimously.

Amberlea Playground- Steve Sebesteyn has presented a proposed playground for the Amberlea area and worked with Miracle Playground on a site plan. He requested it be turned over to SRP staff for implementation.

Donna Mines moved that staff look into the feasibility of a playground for the Amberlea area to include the design, cost, and safety.  Mark Henderson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned: Donna Mines moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:52 p.m. The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh.  The motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting: Monday,  November 14th at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall.