Budget & Finance Sept. 16th Meeting

Budget & Finance Committee

Meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7:01 pm at South Riding Center.

1. Committee Attendees: Ty Kehrer (Chair), Dale Urbanek and Ken Walsh.

2. Non-Committee Attendees: Wendy Taylor (SRP General Manager), Scott Fisher (SRP Vice President), and Suzanne Allen (SFMC.

3. Public Comment / Issues: None

4. No one electronically recorded the meeting.  Minutes were recorded for this meeting by Ty Kehrer.

5. Review and Adopt the Minutes from August 2015 Meeting.

a. Dale Urbanek made the motion that, “The Budget and Finance Committee accepts the August 19, 2015 minutes as presented”.  Scott Fisher seconded the motion.
b. The motion passed with Ken Wash abstaining.

6. The Committee reviewed the financial statements from August 2015.

a. Ken Walsh made the motion that, “The Budget and Finance Committee accept the August financials as presented.”  The motion was seconded by Scott Fisher.
b. The motion passed “Unanimously”.

7. Investments – No investment purchase recommendations were needed for September.

8. Bid Review:

a. The Budget and Finance Committee reviewed bids for 50 street trees throughout South Riding.  Scott Fisher made the motion that, “The Budget and Finance Committee recommends the use of Community Landscape Services to replace the 50 street trees at a cost of up to $19,000 from Replacement Reserves.”  The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh.  The motion passed “Unanimously”.

9. Discussions – There was some general discussions about future events that the neighborhood may hold.

10. The meeting adjourned at 7:31 pm.

Next Budget and Finance Meeting:  October 21, 2015 at Town Hall at 7pm.