Neighborhood Watch Jan. 11th Meeting

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Meeting Date and Time: Monday, January 11th 7pm
Meeting Location:  South Riding Center

Present:  Bill McMullan, Jerry Barton, Anna Himes, Steve Schoenly, Chris Jackson Coates, John Maier & Ram Kuppuswami

Also attending:  Jeff Smith (Staff), Nathaniel Payne (LCSO) and Estee LaClare (BOD)

1) Call to Order – 7:00pm. – 7:02 start
2) Electronic or other recording – no
3) Approval of December 2015 minutes – 1. Jerry Barton and 2. Chris Jackson Coates
4) Review of crime report –
5) Committee Member Report - 9
6) Patroller Issues (Steve) – adopt our spouses at walking teams for extra patrols
7) Committee Officer –
a) Chris Jackson Coates as chair 1. Jerry Barton 2. Ram Kuppuswami
b) Jerry Barton as vice chair 1. Steve Schoenly 2. Ram Kuppuswami
8) Committee Discussion
9) Board Update – event calendar is out, power line Feb 2nd hearing in Richmond

Meeting adjourned: 7:30 pm – motion entered by Jerry Barton and seconded by Ram Kuppuswami

Next Neighborhood Watch Committee Meeting: Monday, February 1st at 6:30pm at Town Hall.