Neighborhood Watch Meeting May 7

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Meeting Date and Time: Monday, May 7, 2012 7:00pm
Meeting Location:  Town Hall
Present: Ken Smith, Shawn Huycke, Bill McMullan, Steve Schoenly, Anna Himes, Ram Kuppuswami, Sudhindra Chillarige, John Maier
Also attending:  Jeff Smith (Staff), Terri Lange, Ted Lange

1) Call to Order - 7pm. – 7:02 start
2) Electronic or other recording – no
3) Crime Report – car break ins
4) Quarterly meeting report; Shawn – normal crime stats, Chapman spoke about 1st 100 days, expansion of Dare Program, spoke about the sting operation, TH parking lot got a warrant and an arrest
5) Approval of April 2012 minutes - 1.Ken Smith 2. Bill McMullen
6) Patroller Issues; Steve 
a) alerted patrollers about mink meadows, hyland and fishing pier
b) numbers for April 2 Patrols by 2 teams
7) Committee Membership – Shawn – 14 members
8) NNO 2012 – Bach to Rock Participation – see what they want to do, Moon Bounces
a) Invitation to Sheriff – send out early – Jeff check with Bean Send me a letter and I will print on letterhead
9) Annual Meeting- Shawn received award
10) Misc
a) Ted talked about the voting and how we are trying to change amendments with incentive programs
b) Ted talked about a new Fairfax County NW person about NNO and trading info
Meeting adjourned: 8:01 pm – motion entered by Sudhindra Chillarige and seconded by Anna Himes.
Next Neighborhood Watch Committee Meeting: Monday, June 4, 2012, 7pm at the Town Hall, 43055 Center Street.