Open Space Aug 28th Meeting

Open Space Working Group Committee

Meeting Notes

The South Riding Proprietary Open Space Working Group called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall, 43055 Center Street. 

Present were Erick Sohn, Julie Abel, Carol Johnson, Dale Urbanek, Robin Kinkead.

Also present: Board members Jeff Salmon, Megan Walker

Staff present, Wendy Taylor and Rebecca Lyons

The group reviewed the original Parcel planning report and discussed what the outstanding projects are and if they are still relevant

A brief discussion was help on funding and funding options. Review what parcels the HOA has available and what funding is available

The group discussed the development of a survey to go out to the community on what needs they feel are not being met. Those present discussed needs they had identified for the community (see attached list).
It was agreed that research would be done by staff and committee members of amenities and “best practices” through visits to neighboring communities, industry networking and attendance at trade shows. The results would be provided for review and discussion at the October committee meeting.

Next meeting date: October

Adjourn Meeting: 8:30


There were no formal motions made at this meeting.