Open Space Oct. 23rd Meeting

Open Space Working Group Committee

Meeting Notes

The South Riding Proprietary Open Space Working Group called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall, 43055 Center Street. 

Present were Erick Sohn, Julie Abel, & Robin Kinkead.

Also present: Board members Jeff Salmon & Scott Fisher

Staff present, Wendy Taylor, Rebecca Lyons, Ani Shrauger & Jeff Smith

The task force reviewed the “wish list” and all the material Ani Shrauger and Jeff Smith and complied from the NPR conference. Rebeca reviewed the map issues with the path connection through SRP and the greater community.

The consensus was that any survey required design and pricing to be valid. The group concluded that each member would identify their top 3 or 4 project. Staff would get designs and pricing before a survey would be sent to the greater community e for comment.

Currently, the connection of the trails Options of the “Old library site” and the “West Riding open park are a priority.

The next meeting will be scheduled when staff is able to get designs for review.

Adjourn Meeting: 8:30