Rec & Grounds Apr 14th Meeting

Recreation & Grounds Committee

The April 14, 2014 meeting of the Recreation and Grounds Committee, held at Town Hall was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Marge Morales, Committee Chair.

Members Attending: Marge Morales, Donna Mines, Charlene Jones, Lorraine Conlon

Board Liaisons: Jeff Salmon, Scott Fisher-did not attended

Members Absent: Steve Sebestyen, John Winkert, Ken Walsh

Staff Attending: Farah Scruggs, Rebecca Lyons, Jennifer Burke

Guests Attending: Roy Naquin from 42563 Nations Street, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sovinski from 42292 Magistrate Court and Josh Finn 43546 Hyland Hills Street
Resident Comments:
o Roy Naquin residing at 42563 Nations commented on the drainage area located behind his property. He stated that the water is often excessive, stagnant and dirty. Also litter collects in this area often. He would like to see this area cleaned up regularly and the drainage issue corrected for safety and health reasons.
Staff will assess this issue with the help of the Operations Department and Clippers and follow up with the committee / home owner. 
Approval of the Minutes:   Donna Mines motioned to approve the March 10, 2014 Recreation & Grounds Committee meeting minutes. The motion was seconded by Charlene Jones. The motion passed (4-0-0). 


Chair Report: Marge Morales
• Marge discussed emails regarding dog waste station request at Golf View Drive and Maple Cross Street. Marge informed the resident that it takes a considerable amount of money to install and to maintain, so the location of each station is carefully considered before committing more HOA fee dollars to this issue.

Board Report: Jeff Salmon
• The Board of Directors approved the 2014 Pools Rules and Regulations as amended.
• Matt Letourneau was at the Board of Directors meeting to discuss the changes to take place on Center Street and the VDOT Air Cargo Road Study.

Operations/Recreation Report: Farah Scruggs/Rebecca Lyons
• The area near the Fishing Pier is being evaluated by Tri-Star to grade the slope and possibly change the material at the entrance of the pier.
• Large recycling containers are being encouraged and distributed throughout the neighborhood to help reduce the amount of trash that blows around and littering the areas.
• Wendy has addressed the Donovan Drive entrance with the Loudoun County Water and Schools regarding repairing/restoring this area.
• Geese away devices have arrived and will be placed in pool areas.
• Pools are in the process of opening.
• Park Signs have arrived and are being installed by operations.
• There has been community response showing interest in being Recreation and Grounds appointees on the new Open Space Amenity Committee.

Discussion Items:
•  Charters: Rebecca discussed Charter revisions and formalizing the Pool Working Group. The committee postponed the decision to allow the Committee time to review until the next meeting. 

Adult Swim Hours: Farah presented the information gathered in the survey for community interest in adult swim hours. Charlene recommended that there be no change in the pool hours at this time or additional adult swim hours added. The motion was seconded by Donna. The motion passed unanimously.

The Committee will gather more information throughout the 2014 season and reevaluate an earlier adult swim time for next season.

• Amberlea and Owen Park shrubbery- Rebecca presented Clippers recommendations for trimming the shrubbery at the two parks. While the Owen park shrubs are mature enough to trim down to 3feet without harm, the Amberlea bushes are not mature enough to be pruned back to that height at this time.

Donna motioned to approve the proposal from Clippers to prune shrubs at Owen Park down to approximately three (3) feet and maintain the three (3) feet height. The motion was seconded by Lorraine. The motion passed unanimously (4-0-0). 

New Business:
• Enhance-A-Spot:

42292 Magistrate Court- Jeff suggested that the staff request information from Loudoun County regarding planting in easement areas. Also consult with a landscaping company to determine the type of trees and shrubs that are recommended to less impact the space.

25155 Fortitude Terrace- The committee would like confirmation of the actual property line and determine that this suggested spot is South Riding property. Staff advised that the property is South Riding. Staff was directed by the committee to confirm the location of the South Riding property line. Charlene commented that it is unlikely that she would approve this application with Cypress trees as the species choice.

• Hyland Hills Main Pool Cover Bids:  Committee reviewed bid from NVBlu.

Charlene recommended to the Board of Directors that the NVblu Proposal be approved as submitted for the Hyland Hills Main Pool Cover Replacement. The motion was seconded by Lorraine. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned: Lorraine motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:46 p.m. The motion was seconded by Donna Mines.  The motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting: May 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm. @ Town Hall.