Rec & Grounds Feb 10th Meeting

Recreation & Grounds Committee

The February 10, 2014  meeting of the Recreation and Grounds Committee, held at Town Hall was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by, Marge Morales, Committee Chair.

Members Attending:  Charlene Jones, Marge Morales,  Steve Sebestyen, John Winkert, Lorraine Conlon

Board Liaisons:  Scott Fisher attended

Members Absent: Rick D’Amico-resigned, Donna Mines, Ken Walsh

Staff Attending:  Farah Scruggs, Rebecca Lyons

Guests Attending: None

Resident Comments:


Approval of the Minutes:   Charlene  moved to approve the January 2014 Recreation & Grounds Committee meeting minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded by Steve Sebestyen. The motion passed unanimously.


Chair Report: Marge Morales

• Marge reviewed items discussed during Pool Working Group including scheduling and the aquatics rules and regulations. These will be up for review and approval at the March meeting. The Committee will also be proposing that a new automatic vacuum be purchased for the pools.
• Marge informed the Committee of Rick D’Amico’s resignation.

Board Report: Jeff Salmon/Scott Fisher
• The Board of Directors approved the request for lighting at the SRC field. 
• The Board approved the Open Space Working Groups Charter as submitted. The working group will include residents and members of the Recreation & Grounds Committee.

Operations/Recreation Report: Farah Scruggs-Rebecca Lyons
• Staff will be updating all pool related items discussed with the Pool Working Group for submission at the March meeting.
• Staff has been in contact with tennis pro, James Grein, as well as Tennis League and Cardio Tennis instructor, Jennifer Beets about the upcoming season. James and Debbie were unable to attend the meeting but staff distributed all information and requests for review.
• OPS Update: Rebecca Lyons- Operations Department has been working tirelessly to ensure all SRP streets are well maintained and plowed; they had few complaints. While some areas of turf will need to be replaced, SRP is waiting for spring before investing in the turf replacement.

Loudoun County Parks and Rec Report: Paul Goudeau
• Paul discussed and provided a design plan for the Dulles South Bond Referendum, Phase II. The Construction of Phase III was not approved, only the design plans for Phase III. Budget for Phase III is up for approval late March/early April 2014.
• Loudoun County’s in house pre-school lottery is up 20%; general public lottery will open next.
• Summer Camp registrations start soon; interviews are underway for camp staffing.
• Skate park is ok; winter weather has slowed the visits.

Pending Business: None

New Business:

• The Recreation and Grounds Committee recently reviewed and approved signage for each of South Riding’s Parks. Three bids were reviewed and the Committee awarded the Bid to Fast Signs. The bid was reviewed and approved by the Budget and Finance Committee in November 2013. Upon review by the Board of Directors it was noted that the signage design did not follow the comprehensive sign plan for South Riding. Staff was directed to have Fast Signs redesign the signs so they fell into compliance with our Comprehensive Sign Plan.
An alternative design option that falls into compliance with the comprehensive sign plan was provided to the committee.

The Committee reviewed and discussed the sign design option.
Lorraine Conlon motioned to recommend to the Board of Directors that the updated design for the park signage be approved. The motion was seconded by Charlene Jones. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion Items:

• Tennis Lessons and League:
o Scheduling for lessons was proposed by James Grein
o Tennis League information was submitted for review and mirrors last year’s proposal.

Charlene Jones motioned to approve the tennis lessons and league scheduling as submitted with staff being able to amend as needed throughout the season. The motion was seconded by Lorraine Conlon. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned: Charlene Jones  moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:57 p.m. The motion was seconded by Lorraine Conlon.  The motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting: Monday February 10 , 2014 at 7:00 pm. @ Town Hall .  Pool working group will meet at 6:30 prior to the meeting.