Recreation & Grounds Meeting Apr 9

Recreation & Grounds Committee

April 9, 2012
Final Minutes

The April 9, 2012 meeting of the Recreation and Grounds Committee, held at Town Hall was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by, Charlene Jones, Committee Chair.

Members Attending:  Charlene Jones, Marge Morales, Steve Sebestyen, Ken Walsh, Luis Pitarque

Board Liaison:  Dave Smith did not attend.

Members Absent: Donna Mines

Staff Attending:  Farah Scruggs

Guests Attending:  Jeff Salmon

Resident Comments:

On behalf of sections 80 & 81, Steve Sebestyen has proposed a playground be installed at the Amberlea Townhomes off of Riding Center Drive.  The playground would benefit the surrounding communities as well as all of South Riding. Steve is in contact with Toll discussing when bond release is scheduled.

Approval of the Minutes:  Luis Pitarque moved to approve the March 2012 Recreation & Grounds Committee meeting minutes.  The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh.  The motion passed 4-1 with Marge Morales abstaining due to her early departure at the March meeting.


Chair Report: Charlene Jones

• Charlene will attend the April Board of Directors meeting to be present for any resident discussion concerning the 2012 Tennis contract

Board Report:
Board liaison, Dave Smith was not in attendance. Board member Jeff Salmon attended the meeting and informed the committee of the following:
• Hyland Hills Pool Phase I renovations were approved and are underway.
• Tennis League guidelines were approved as submitted.
• The Board of Directors took an email vote on the 2012 Tennis Lesson contract and unanimously voted to award James Grein the service contract for the Tennis Program for  2012 season
• SRP officially accepted section 76 from Toll Brothers.


Operations/Recreation Report: Farah Scruggs

• Pool renovations at Hyland Hills are underway. Staff has been posting photos of the progress on the SR Facebook page daily.
• Staff is preparing for SR pool openings on Memorial Day weekend. Many replacement items have been ordered/received; all pools have been de-winterized; High Sierra is scheduled for interviews; Loudoun County Health Department has been contacted for inspections; and, Hadsell Sun & Shade has started pools opening process.
• SR Community Clean-Up Event is scheduled for April 22. Staff has been in contact with numerous interested participants / groups. New this year, staff will be creating certificates of appreciation for each SR child that helps with the clean-up.
• New tennis court items have been ordered for Murrey and Town Hall courts. Nets have been replaced and windscreens / divider nets have been ordered and will arrive this month.
• Tennis lessons started today, April 9, 2012. James Grein expressed his gratitude and believes closing the courts during lessons will greatly benefit the participants and residents.
• Operation’s Department is in contact with Clippers and are planning to replace the mulch at Owen Park with synthetic mulch in order to fix the drainage issue that affects the sidewalk.
• Clippers has started mowing a week early and have been working longer hours to get all areas mowed on schedule.
• Staff and Clippers are working with landscape architect to implement design palette 2 at specific entrances: Tall Cedars (east) and Braddock Road entrances.

Pending Business:

• Discuss committee goals for 2012:
o The 2006 Parcel Planning Working Groups list of South Riding needs has come to fruition and the committee discussed possibilities of upgrading and additions throughout the community.
Steve Sebestyen moved to have the Recreation and Grounds Committee recommend to the Board of Directors to have a feasibility study on Elk Lick Park and the adjacent undeveloped parcel. The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh. The motion passed unanimously.

Marge Morales moved to have the Recreation and Grounds Committee recommend to the Board of Directors to have a feasibility study on the old library site for a passive recreation area that will improve the usability and attractiveness of the land. . The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh. The motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

• Hyland Hills Pool Slide Rules Review: 
Staff  presented a draft set of slide rules for Committee review.


Marge Morales moved to recommend to the Board of Directors that the Hyland Hills Pool Slide Rules be approved as amended. The motion was seconded by Luis Pitarque. The motion passed unanimously.

• Recreation and Amenities Community Survey:  The committee discussed the possibility of distributing a formal / informal survey to the community via mail, an insert in the magazine and/or electronically.  Charlene Jones will use previously distributed community surveys to draft a new one for review. The committee hopes to gain insight on community expectations and needs.

• Playground request in Area 3 / Section 73 and Elk Lick Park –
o Area 3 in Section 73-  A resident homeowner spoke to Operations Manger, Jeff Smith and requested a play area / swings / kid friendly equipment be installed in a common area space (Area 3) off  Hallmark Drive.
 The committee appreciated the inquiry but would like to see significant support from the residents of the surrounding area before pursuing this further. Staff will contact the homeowner’s and suggest they provide a petition from area homeowners requesting the addition of play equipment.
o Elk Lick Park- Highkicks TaeKwonDo and Children’s Academy sent an email requesting permission to hold a fundraiser to purchase and install playground equipment for Elk Lick Park. The business is located in the new office building directly in front of the park. They stated that they use the park area for the after school program’s outside recess and would like to have a playground installed for use. 
 The committee discussed this request, and felt that the use of this park by a commercial business is no different than the camps who sign an agreement for pool usage. The park is not open for use to a private commercial business and this could be a liability issue for SRP. The committee recommended staff send a cease and desist letter to the business requesting they no longer use the park for private use.
Luis Pitarque moved to recommend to the Board of Directors to deny the request for a joint fundraising effort for installation of playground equipment at Elk Lick Park for private use of a commercial business.  The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned: Ken Walsh moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:52 p.m. The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh.  The motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting: Monday, May 14, 2012 at 7:00 pm. Town Hall.