Rec & Grounds Oct 21st Meeting

Recreation & Grounds Committee

The October 21, 2013 meeting of the Recreation and Grounds Committee, held at Town Hall was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by, Donna Mines, Committee Chair.

Members Attending:  Donna Mines, Marge Morales, Charlene Jones, Ken Walsh, Rick D’Amico

Board Liaisons:  Jeff Salmon did not attend.  Scott Fisher attended

Members Absent: Steve Sebestyen, John Winkert

Staff Attending:  Farah Scruggs

Guests Attending: Lorraine Conlon, Carol Johnson


Resident Comments:

• Carol Johnson inquired about paving a section of path on Braddock Road to connect to the Stinger Drive path.
o Staff will inquire with the Operations Department concerning the area to see if this can be done.
• Donna Mines and Loraine Conlon inquired about the ongoing sidewalk repairs throughout the neighborhood.

Approval of the Minutes:   Charlene Jones  moved to approve the September 9,  2013 Recreation & Grounds Committee meeting minutes.  The motion was seconded by Marge Morales. The motion passed 3-0-2.


Chair Report: Donna Mines

• Donna discussed items covered in the pool working group held at 6:30pm. Staff will be drafting next seasons pool schedule for review, discussed the possibility of adding another automatic vacuum, and SRST practice hours.
• Donna discussed vote Loudoun rec and the committee attending different voting polls to help get voter support.
• Donna discussed the December meeting and reminded the committee that the chair and vice chair positions will need to be filled.

Board Report: Jeff Salmon
• The Board approved Recreation and Grounds motion to sign with High Sierra Pools for the next season.
• SRP has paid for licensing and copyright laws surrounding music played at our events.
• Many areas of sidewalk throughout the community are scheduled for replacement and maintenance has started,

Operations/Recreation Report: Farah Scruggs

• Staff discussed feedback from the newly implemented surveys being distributed for submittal. Staff has gotten significant feedback on all programming and many events.  Staff shared results from these surveys with Committee members. Results included tennis lessons, SRST, Swimming Lessons, and the Pool Facility Survey.
• Staff has been contacted concerning an Eagle Scout Project to implement and add a handicap accessible swing to one of our parks. Staff met with the Eagle Scout and gave him suggestions concerning his project and requirements surrounding ADA compliance.
• Staff  provided the Final Pool Statistics from the 2013 season.
• Staff recently attended the NRPA Congress in Houston, TX. The trainings were directly related to Recreational programming and Aquatics. The sessions attended were very informative and provided viable information for SRP parks, recreation and aquatics. Staff attended many sessions during the conference as follows:
o Time to Train: Aquatics
o Inclusive and Sustainable Design Principles for Splashpads
o Results of an international lifeguard study
o Recreation Programs and Special Event Standards
o Fun, Free, Affordable Marketing that makes you memorable and works!
o Innovative Aquatics Technologies
o Surging into Aquatics: Preparing for the age wave
Staff also attending the Opening General Session with keynote speaker, innovation expert Jeremy Gutsche; the Opening ceremony that took place at the Houston Natural History Museum; participated in the NRPA 5K Fun Run /Walk; and attended/visited many booths at the Expo.
Staff had a wonderful experience at this conference and greatly appreciates the opportunity to attend. I hope to attend the 2014 NRPA Congress and further my education and training in the recreation department. 

Pending Business: None

New Business:
1) Request for dog stations along fitness trail:  The committee  reviewed  the areas in need of a Dog Waste station and made suggestions to staff as to where they should be located. Staff will discuss these areas with the Operations Department.
2) Mind and Meditation Seminar proposal: Recommendation to the BOD:  The Committee reviewed the proposal for the proposed Mind and Mediation Seminar in SR. 

Charlene Jones  moved to recommend to the Board of Directors the Mind and Mediation Seminar proposal be denied as submitted due to the seminar and cost does not fit within the recreational programming structure for low cost programming.  The motion was seconded by Ken Walsh.  Motion passed unanimously. 

3) New Member Nomination: Today makes Loraine Conlon’s 3rd meeting and she it up for member nomination.

Charlene Jones moved to recommend to the Board of Directors that Loraine Conlon be nominated as a voting member of the Recreation and Grounds Committee. The motion was seconded by Marge Morales. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion Items:
All Discussion items listed on the Agenda were discussed during the Committee Chair Report.


Meeting adjourned: Rick D’Amico  moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m. The motion was seconded by Marge Morales.  The motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting: Monday November 11 , 2013 at 7:00 pm. @ Town Hall.  Pool working group will meet at 6:30pm before the meeting.