Lakeside Condominiums

Welcome to Lakeside!
Lakeside Condominiums is a community of 182 condo units which are situated along the west side of South Riding Boulevard. This condo community, while under the umbrella of the South Riding Proprietary, is governed by the Lakeside Condominium Unit Owners Association.
Our Association is administered by an elected Board of Directors and is managed by Select Community Services (SCS). The governing documents of Lakeside Condo Association are unique to this condo community and are not to be confused with the governing documents of the South Riding Proprietary.
Click the following link to view a quick reference guide for information about living in Lakeside: Welcome to New Residents
How is Our Business Conducted? - Operating Meetings of Lakeside at South Riding
Lakeside Board of Directors can be reached via email through Select Community Services.  For emergency or everyday maintenance requests, please email Diana Fritts at, so that the property manager and the board can receive a copy. 
President - Barbara Hall
Vice President - Christine Ray
Secretary - Madeline Allen
Director -  Tyler Walker
Select Community Services (SCS)   (Lakeside Management Company)
Diana Fritts, Portfolio Manager  (703) 230-8704,
For Emergency after hours, please call  (703)631-2003 (please tell the operator you are calling from Lakeside at South Riding Condominiums)
Official Governing Documents
Our condo association is governed by the following documents. As a condo owner, you should be familiar with each of these:
Modifications - Before you make any modification to your condo (i.e. -- install hardwood flooring, install a storm door, change any exterior hardware, etc.) please read the governing documents carefully and then submit a "Modification Request Form" to the Board of Directors. Approval must be received before making any modification.
Leased Condos - Owners of all leased condos MUST have our approved "Lease Addendum" as a part of their lease document. All leases, addendums and extensions must be submitted to our management company before the tenant moves in. The Lakeside Condominium Board of Directors has the authority to terminate a lease and remove the tenant when the owner and/or tenant are not abiding by these and other requirements of our official documents. If you are leasing a condo, please contact your landlord and our management company to verify that your lease, addendums and extensions have been submitted to our managment company.