2019 Board of Directors Election Underway

Apr 17, 2019

Votes for the 2019 Board of Directors election may be cast through May 20, 2019.  Online voting will end at 11:59pm and paper ballots must be received at Town Hall by 5pm. 

Your vote is extremely important since a quorum of 10% of owners is required for a valid election.

Cast your vote one of three ways:  by mail, drop off or online.


• Detach your paper proxy/ballot (page 11) from the election mailer received at your home.

• Please print your name, date, and sign the paper proxy/ballot.

• Once completed mail or drop off to Town Hall (43055 Center Street) in time for it to be received by 5pm on May 21st.

• In the event that multiple proxies/ballots are received from any lot owner, the last dated proxy/ballot will be counted.

• A proxy/ballot form, once submitted, may be revoked only by written notice to the Treasurer prior to the annual meeting.


To access the South Riding Proprietary online ballot.

• Login at the top right corner of this website, if you do not have a login click the “Register” button to create a login.

• Once logged in: go to “My Profile” top right

• Scroll down to 2019 Board of Directors Election and follow the instructions to submit your vote.

• The last electronically transmitted proxy/ballot will be counted.