2020 Senior Photos Magazine Feature

Apr 16, 2020

Congratulations to South Riding’s graduating class of High School seniors! The end of this school year has been uniquely challenging, so we want to give you some special recognition in the South Riding Magazine by featuring your names and photos. This feature is open to all South Riding high school seniors, regardless of what high school they attend. To be included in the 2020 Graduation feature:

• Send the student’s photo as a .jpg file in the largest file size possible and include the student’s full name, as well as their future plans such as military, career, college, further education opportunities etc.

• Email photos to magazine@southriding.net, include your address for verification purposes.

• Photos and info from FHS students will be shared with their career center unless you indicate otherwise

DEADLINE:  Only photos received by 5pm on Wednesday, April 29th will be included!!!!