Braddock-Pleasant Valley Roundabout Construction Completed Today

May 03, 2016

I'm pleased to tell you that Fort Meyer Contracting and VDOT have confirmed that construction on the $5.8 million Braddock-Pleasant Valley Roundabout officially ended today.  The roundabout is now fully operational. I appreciate all of your patience during construction.

I'd like to congratulate the project team for finishing this project on schedule and keeping to the aggressive timeline that was announced last year despite the massive snowstorm this winter. I'd also like to thank my friend and our former Delegate, David Ramadan, who fought hard in Richmond to obtain state funding to match Loudoun's contribution to this project. 

There are several other individuals that have worked closely with me over the years to make this project a reality. I can't mention everyone involved here, but I would like to especially thank Sunil Taori and Farid Bigdeli with VDOT, Terrie Laycock, who just retired from the Loudoun County Department of Transportation, and the former Chairman of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, Scott York.  I also appreciate the endorsement of this project by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, especially former Sully District Supervisor Mike Frey.

As you travel through the roundabout, you'll notice the brick apron, which has a 100-foot diameter. That apron is there to assist trucks and larger traffic in navigating the circle.  I know it will take some time for drivers to get used to using the roundabout. To help with that process, I have included this link to educational resources on how to use roundabouts:

Over the next few years, you will continue to see construction on roads around the Dulles South area as we work to improve our infrastructure and reduce congestion.  As a reminder, you can track progress on these projects at