Continued Snow Updates!

Jan 29, 2016

Our best efforts have been made during this unprecedented snow storm. We understand your concern and appreciate your feedback. All comments will be reviewed during our post storm de-brief. There are many parties responsible for various streets, parking spaces and sidewalks within South Riding. All are working to serve our residents. VDOT, SRP, Amberlea and Lakeside are all individually responsible for their streets and parking. A list can be found on our website at For example, street parking on a VDOT street is the responsibility of VDOT. Sidewalks, however, are a bit more complicated. VDOT does not clear sidewalks. SRP is responsible for common area sidewalks except those within the apartments or condos. Residents are responsible to clear sidewalks on or adjacent to their property. Loudoun County is responsible for sidewalks on or adjacent to schools and other county property.

Throughout the storm and aftermath, we have worked to keep the community updated on our progress and responsibilities, as well as asking residents to clear sidewalks adjacent to their properties to the best of their ability. We have seen and heard of countless residents aiding their neighbors and we are thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community. Our multifaceted efforts continue this week as follows:

Our crews are continuing to clear SRP parking spaces as a minimum of 3 consecutive spaces become available for equipment to safely access and clear the area. Crews are also out widening SRP streets. As far as sidewalks and trails are concerned, with the significant amount under our purview, our priorities go as follows and will continue:

Step 1: Prior to school commencing,staff worked to clear common area sidewalks near school walker areas and bus stops.

Step 2: Staff has been working to clear trails and high traffic area sidewalks.

Step 3: Staff will continue to work to clear all other common area sidewalks.