Notice: Crack Filling Maintenance Work Delay

Mar 22, 2019

Crack Filling Maintenance Work Update: 3/27
The crack filling vendor is onsite working on completing maintenance work on streets that were not completed from Monday and Tuesday. We apologize for any inconvenience as we were notified this morning that they would be working on the following streets today.

- Dream Alley
- Rooney Alley
- Privilege Alley
- LondonTown Terrace
- Homefront Terrace
- Utah Terrace
- Omaha Terrace
- Neptune Terrace
- Overlord Terrace
- Oceantide Alley
- Legion Alley
- Gunnery Square



The following streets are scheduled for crack filling maintenance next week 3/25 – 3/27 (weather permitting):

• Monday, March 25th: Fortitude Terrace, Doolittle Ln, Dream Alley, Privilege Alley, Londontown Terrace, Neighborly Ln, Rooney Alley
• Tuesday, March 26th: Utah Terrace, Omaha Terrace, Neptune Terrace, Overlord Terrace, Oceantide Alley, Homefront Terrace, Gunnery Terrace, Legion Alley
• Wednesday, March 27th: American Square, Capital Terrace, Colonists Terrace, Anthem Terrace, Creekmore Terrace

All vehicles must be moved prior to 7am from affected streets and parking spaces. *Note: Any vehicle left on an affected street or parking space will be towed to a nearby street that is not being paved.

Residents must stay off new crack sealing for 2 hours. Driving or walking on new crack sealing may transfer to additional surfaces causing damage (i.e. vehicles, garage floors, clothing, etc.) *Note: South Riding Proprietary is not responsible for damage due to material transfer.

Trash pick-up: We have notified Republic Services about this scheduled maintenance work and they will have the right of way when picking up trash cans. Leave your trash cans out as usual or wait until next trash pickup day. 

In the event weather conditions delay this project, affected residents will be notified in advance of an alternate date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Proprietary @ 703-327-4390 or