Draft Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Nov 07, 2018

Loudoun County has published a draft Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan on its website at loudoun.gov/Loudoun2040

The Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan includes the county’s General Plan and Countywide Transportation Plan. Once adopted, it will serve as the county government’s guide for land use and transportation policy for the foreseeable future.

The Planning Commission held work sessions on the draft Comprehensive Plan after it was forwarded to the Planning Commission by the Board of Supervisors in July. Following public input, the Planning Commission is expected to present a final draft of the new plan to the Board of Supervisors in early 2019. Members of the public will also have an opportunity to provide comments on the draft plan to the Board of Supervisors during its review of the plan.
Once the Board has determined that the draft plan is ready for adoption, the draft Countywide Transportation Plan will be forwarded to the Virginia Department of Transportation for review, after which the Board will vote on the adoption of the overall Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan.