Notice: Proposed Changes to the South Riding Proprietary Design and Maintenance Standards

Feb 28, 2018

The objective of the Design and Maintenance Standards (hereafter referred to as D&MS) is to provide a consistent set of property change and exterior maintenance guidelines for use by South Riding homeowners, members of the Community Standards Committee, Board of Directors, as well as South Riding Proprietary and its Staff, in maintaining and enhancing the wonderful community of South Riding.

Over the last two years the South Riding Proprietary Community Standards Department Staff and Community Standards Committee Volunteers have read, re-read and are now presenting their proposed changes and updates to the South Riding Proprietary D&MS.

Listed in this article are some of the notable proposed changes that have been submitted to the Board of Directors for their review and consideration. The digital document in its entirety is available for review using this LINK or upon request by email to

Homeowners please send any feedback and suggestions you may have to the Board of Directors attention by email to or by letter to Town Hall - 43055 Center Street, South Riding VA 20152. You will receive written acknowledgment of receipt of your submission by a member of the Staff. The deadline for feedback submission is close of business Wednesday, April 4, 2018. The Board of Directors will review all owner and legal counsel feedback at their April 5, 2018 Board meeting. All owners are invited to the Open Session of that meeting which begins at 7:00 p.m. at South Riding Center located at 42420 Unicorn Drive, South Riding.

What’s NEW?
• The design and layout are fresh and new with colorful headers and bullets for easier reading.
• Lots of pictures have been added.
• We created quick reference section in most of the standards called Maintenance Requirements and future considerations.
• In our longer standards (Decks, Fences and Sheds) we open with the Universal Standards that apply to all and then break it down into house and lot type.
• Noise specification compliance was added to Air Conditioners, Hot Tubs and Pools.
• We added “if you’re not using it, remove it” to a few of the standards. It is included in Antennas/Satellite Dishes, Hot Tubs, Rain Barrels and Security Devices to name a few.
• We added a few “Don’t forget to call Miss Utility before you dig” callouts.
• New standards have been added – most of these were covered generally within other areas of the D&MS.

Car Charging Stations
Common Areas/Association Property
Concrete Repairs/Painting
Hardscaping – structures that are incorporated within landscape architecture
Irrigation Systems
Privacy And Other Screening
Radon Mitigation – Formerly Incorporated With Chimneys Flues Vents
Shade Structures (Temporary)

• There are now 4 different locations to find information about color and material/texture changes. It’s all the same information but sometimes when you think of stain, looking under color isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. (See: Color and Materials/Texture Changes, Material Changes, Paint Colors and Stain Colors).
• In Additions/Alterations we discuss portable toilets and dumpsters.
• Artificial Turf isn’t permitted on the front porch.
• Guard nets on basketball goals should be retracted when the hoop isn’t in use.
• In Materials we discuss the substitution of composite materials for the builder installed wood trim and what to do when your obsolete garage door breaks.
• Composting is becoming more popular as are vegetable gardens and we discuss the proper way to compost and where to plant your veggies (NEVER in the front yard).
• Fitted vehicle covers are permitted on any vehicle prohibited in our Parking Regulations (commercial vehicles, cars with expired tags).
• We have great photo examples of the 1’ setback requirement in attached housing for the Decks standard.
• Storm Doors are still listed within the Doors standard, but will no longer require approval if they meet the outlined guidelines (full view, color matches the door or the door trim).
• We addressed the use of temporary fire pits. They can be used but not stored in full view.
• Musical accompaniment was added to the Holiday Decorations standard.
• Provided there is no color variation the higher grade architectural shingle for roof replacements no longer requires SR approval when upgrading from the 3-tab shingle.
• Definitely check out the Shed standards and compare the new and improved clarification between the Small Vertical and Horizontal Sheds vs. the Traditional Sheds.
• Political signage was changed in accordance with the recommendations of our legal counsel based on case law and homeowner requests. Primary signage is no longer prohibited. The General election display standards now apply to Primary elections as well.
• New to the Signage standard is the School/Organization Signage, please check it out and ask the event organizers if they’ve secured the variance.
• We split the Trees into two separate standards to help owners easily find information on planting and removing trees (Trees: Planting and Trees: Removal).
• A ‘1’ setback from the property line’ requirement has been added to Vegetable Gardens to help alleviate potential drainage issues between neighboring lots.
• Last, but certainly not least, check out the Prohibited portions of our updated Walkways/Pathways/Sidewalks standard. Last year we solicited owner feedback through a survey and have amended the standard to allow more flexibility in the use of stepping stone pavers while at the same time restricting their use in the front yard.