Rec & Grounds Jan. 11th Meeting

Jan 11, 2016

Location: Town Hall

I. 7:00 pm: Call to Order by Chair Marge Morales

II. 7:01-7:05: Resident Comment (3 minutes per resident)

III. 7:05-7:06: Approval of the Minutes:

IV. 7:06-7:20:      Reports: (3 minutes per report)
          A. Chair Report – Marge Morales
          B. Board Liaison Report – Meggan Walker / Estee LaClare    
          C. OPS & REC  updates:
               1. Stinger path extension

V. 7:20-7:30:      Items for Discussion:
          A. Boot Camp FUA extension

VI. 7:30-7:40:      Items for Decision:
          A. Review Pool Management Recommendation                

VII. 7:00:           Adjournment

Next Meeting date February 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Town Hall