Sidewalk Replacement for April/May!

May 12, 2020

Sidewalk replacement on the streets listed below within South Riding community has started this week. The streets that will be affected have received a flyer with notification. We ask that you please help us patrol the freshly poured sidewalk slabs so that they are not marked or vandalized. A lot of work and resources are invested into the replacement of the sidewalks. The consequences could be charges for vandalism and restitution to SRP may be up to $150/incident.

Sidewalk replacement in the following streets:
Burkedale Street
Priesters Pond Drive- North side
Pinebluff Drive
Chorley Wood Street
Flintonbridge  Drive - North
Dressmaker Lane
Dempsey Lane
Edgewater Street
Singleton Lane
Skiff Lane
Rickmansworth Lane
Roper Lane
Ritter Lane
Spurling Lane
Sylvia Lane
Tashmoo Lane