Snow Plowing Responsibilities

Jan 11, 2019

During a snow event the best way to reach staff is by emailing

Within the South Riding Proprietary (SRP) community, different parties are responsible for the snow plowing of our streets.  Snow plowing will be performed when an accumulation of 2 inches or more has fallen on the ground.

If you are unsure if you live on a SRP or VDOT street check the list. 

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will perform snow plowing on their streets.  These streets typically have a 4-digit number on the street name sign.  If you live on a VDOT street and have concerns, please contact VDOT at 1-800-367-7623.

SRP Residents are responsible for snow removal on their driveways including the apron and all sidewalks on and adjacent to their property. After clearing the snow with a shovel or snow blower, the use of non-corrosive, environmentally friendly materials, such as sand, should be applied for traction.  Do NOT apply salt to concrete sidewalks and driveways, as the salt will damage the concrete and residents may be responsible to Proprietary maintained sidewalks as a result of salt application. You can apply ice melt!

Snow Plowing will be completed in the following order for SRP's areas of responsibilities;

1. For two (2) or more inches of snow plowing will begin on the streets. 
2. Townhouse parking lots will be cleared after streets. The number of vehicles in a parking area greatly effects this operation.
3. Sidewalks adjacent to SRP Common areas near schools and “school walker” areas will be cleared.
4. Sidewalks adjacent to SRP Common areas around townhomes, townhome mailboxes, cardio gym, and parks as well as fitness trails.
5. The remaining common area sidewalks will be patrolled and cleared.

If you live in the apartments or in a condo association within SR, contact your management company for responsibilities and expectations.

Lakeside (703) 631-2003

Amberlea (703) 392-6006 x260

The Abbey & Devon (703) 631-2003

Attached is a list of South Riding streets for reference.

VDOT interactive website where residents can track snowplows and monitor road conditions in real time.

VDOT road problem where residents can report an issue.

VDOT Snow Brochure

Novec Outage Map where residents can see reported outages.

Loudoun County’s Winter Weather

Loudoun County Road Maintenance Map Who is responsible for plowing my street?