Volunteer Spotlight - April

Apr 01, 2019

Alison and Josh Stern moved to South Riding almost two years ago and immediately looked to get involved with the community. Josh joined the Web & Tech committee and this past year has been the vice chair.  Alison joined the Budget & Finance committee.

Josh's professional interests are with cybersecurity, so Web & Tech seemed like a good place to start. Alison works a lot with budgets and accounting at her job and felt the Budget and Finance Committee would be the best fit for her.

Josh is so happy to have a nice backyard to grow a vegetable garden. Josh grew up learning from his dad how to garden, but didn't have more than a couple potted plants while living in apartments and townhouses until moving to South Riding. He is happy to share gardening tips with neighbors as well as tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and strawberries, among other crops. Josh also enjoys photography - taking photos of family friends, their children and college graduations.

Alison learned the fine art of baking and cooking at a young age from her grandmother.  She has kept her cooking and baking skills sharp by baking and cooking for anyone who is happy to try her food. She also is an avid reader and enjoys running throughout South Riding.

The Sterns both feel it is important to share their talent, skills, and passion by giving back to the community they call home. They  enjoy being able to help shape the future of South Riding and meet others who share similar interests.