Volunteer Spotlight February 2019

Feb 01, 2019

Steven Schoenly has lived in South Riding since 2006.
He moved here after retiring from his career as a
university professor, in order to be close to family
and to help with grandchild care.  South Riding is a
great place for families and raising children
(outstanding public schools!), but it is also a great
place for retirement, with its diverse population and
nearby stores, restaurants, and other facilities.

  Steve is a member of the South Riding Neighborhood
Watch committee. He joined the committee in 2008 to
help support South Riding as the safe, pleasant, and
friendly place it has always been, and as a way of
keeping up with the news about what is going on in the
area. He enjoys reading (Civil War history is a
favorite), hiking, biking, and going to the new Dulles
South rec center (a great addition to our community).
He also enjoys exciting retirement activities like
crossword puzzles and playing chess.

  Steve serves as a Loudoun County election officer.
Several years ago, he helped to open the precinct at
Liberty ES as chief election officer there, and at the
last election he served as chief EO to open the new
Buffalo Trail ES precinct. He encourages everyone to
vote in all elections, including primaries and
local/state elections, not just the national ones. Vote
in the elections run by the South Riding Board of
Directors too!