West Riding Recreational Project

Mar 06, 2020

We are excited to announce a proposed playground plan for the open space area located off Kimberly Rose Drive and Edgewater Street. Working together with playground designers from Playground Specialists and Playworld has given us the opportunity to provide this unique, custom themed playground with climbing boulders and a climbing net that would be an amazing addition to this area. The climbing boulders would be placed along the wooded area to create a natural looking environment. Please review the playground design below that is under consideration. Your input is desired!

Please call Town Hall at 703-327-4390 or email townhall@southriding.net and let us know your thoughts by March 27th. We are very excited to offer this section of the community an amenity that will blend into the current landscape and will not preclude other amenities, if desired, in the future. Thank you for your input!