Web Policies

This section of the website contains agreements and policies for the South Riding Proprietary's websites, southriding.net and southriding.org, as well as any other derivative domain names that refer to the same logical website.

These include:

User Agreement

This is the basic governing policy for users of the website. It governs the overall usage of this website, and statements addressing copyright, damage and liability waiver, and disclaimer.

Privacy Policy

This is the overall statement on what information the Proprietary may now or in the future collect via this website, and how it uses that information and what it does with it. Note that the Proprietary may not be collecting some of the information detailed in this policy currently, but the Proprietary foresees that it may be doing so in the future as new features are added to this website.

Groups Policy

This policy guides how the Proprietary makes decisions about posting information on the website about non-Proprietary affiliated groups. This policy provides guidance and direction, allowing the Proprietary to provide information about a wide range of topics, groups, and activities of benefit and interest to South Riding residents, while at the same time providing for the necessary controls needed by the Proprietary to maintain the website. Some examples of groups that would be covered by this policy include: the Swim Team, Prime Timers, Cub Scouts, sports teams, Loudoun County Government, schools, Neighbors for Education, political candidates, businesses, and churches in and around South Riding.