Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall is the home of the South Riding Proprietary, the Homeowner's Association of South Riding. From Town Hall, the Proprietary Staff provides a variety of community-oriented services for South Riding residents.

Hours of Operation:  Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location:  43055 Center Street, South Riding, Virginia 20152

703-327-4390 (office)
703-327-6116 (fax)
1-888-980-8958 (after-hours emergency)

Please email for additional information.

Title Name & Bio Email
General Manager Wendy Taylor
Director of Events & Communication Grace Fowler
Director of Administration Christine Bean
Administrative Manager Laydy Reyes
Recreation Manager Jennifer Burke
Director of Community Standards Kristi Felouzis
Community Standards Manager LaShonda Graham
Community Standards Coordinator Brittany Unthank
Senior Community Standards Advisor Grace Hogue
Community Standards Advisor Jose Gonzalez
Graphic Designer George Avalos
Director of Facilities & Grounds Jeff Smith
Operations Supervising Technician Joe Godbold
Operations Team Operations Team

Town Hall Polling Station

Town Hall is used as a polling place for primary and presidential elections. The Loudoun County Electoral Board chose Town Hall because of its central location.