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Featured News

The Loudoun Sheriff’s office is seeing an uptick in crimes of opportunity in our area. An unlocked car door with valuables inside is a prime target. Please lock your vehicle doors and remove all valuables. Open garage doors are also a perfect opportunity for a quick thief. If you are expecting a package consider asking a neighbor to hold it until you get home or have the package shipped to your workplace. Don’t forget there is a ring of professional tire thieves working the Northern Virginia region typically between 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. They are stealing high end auto and SUV tires, if you see anything suspicious call the Sheriff’s office immediately.

Download the Sheriff’s office App to your smartphone or visit their website to report after the fact crimes like check fraud or theft.

Application for Exterior Modification - The next Community Standards Committee Application submission deadline is November 1st (5 p.m.) for the November 9th meeting. Please keep this deadline in mind as you plan your upcoming projects. Any questions can be directed to the Staff by email to Thank you.

Community Standards Home Inspections - The Community Standards Inspectors are currently working in Sections 19, 46, 47, & 84

  • 2016 South Riding Christmas Ornaments now available.

    The ornaments are available for sale at Town Hall for $7.00 each.  There is also a limited supply of ornaments from previous years for sale.

  • Leaves are falling and rakes are calling!

    THANK YOU to the many residents who have already begun to rake and remove leaves from their yards and THANK YOU to those of you who will in the next few weekends. We are asking all residents to please take a few minutes and ensure the curb line along your property is clear of debris and leaves. Do not blow or sweep leaves into the storm sewers and clog these important avenues that drain excess...

  • 2017 Budget & Assessments

    At its September 1, 2016 meeting, the South Riding Proprietary Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the Budget & Finance Committee, adopted the 2017 Operating Budget and Schedule of Assessments for distribution. Assessment Summary January 1 – December 31, 2017      Detached Homes:   $78.35       (Common Expense $37.81, Recreation Expense $15.74 & Detached Home $24.79)    Detached Homes w/ Common Drive: $94.50        (Common Expense $37.81, Recreation Expense $15.74 & Detached Home $24.79 Common Drive $16.17) Common Drives...

  • Signs in the Neighborhood

    Out of respect for all of the neighbors of South Riding we respectfully ask that you adhere to the Design and Maintenance Standards regarding signage. Display of one sign endorsing a political candidate is permitted beginning October 25th as this is TWO WEEKS prior to the General Election (November 8, 2016). To read the specific guideline see page 48 of the Design & Maintenance Standards. Thank you!