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Application for Exterior ModificationThe next Community Standards Committee Application submission deadline is September 6 (5 p.m.) for the September 14th meeting. Please keep this deadline in mind as you plan your upcoming projects. Any questions can be directed to the Staff by email to Thank you.

Community Standards Home Inspections - The Community Standards Inspectors are currently working in Sections 29, 32, 41, 83, 86, & 88.

  • Signs in the Neighborhood

    Out of respect for all of the neighbors of South Riding we respectfully ask that you adhere to the Design and Maintenance Standards regarding signage. After the recent hail storms there are a lot of contractor signs advertising services in individual yards which are not permitted. Display of one sign endorsing a political candidate is only permitted TWO WEEKS prior to the General Election (November 8, 2016). To read the specific guideline see page 48 of the Design ...

  • Republic Services Trash Company Does Not Remove Wet Paint

    Please mix kitty litter, mulch or a product called paint hardener (available at Home Depot for $3-$10) into your leftover latex or water-based paints and wood stains.  These items absorb and harden the paint or stain and then you can put them out at the curb for collection with your regular trash.  Just make sure the cans are dry and prop the cans open at the curb for pick up. When...

  • NOTICE - PROPOSED update to the Mailboxes and Posts section of the Design and Maintenance Standards.

    At the request of the Board of Directors, the Community Standards Committee drafted an update to the guidelines in the Design and Maintenance Standards regarding Mailboxes and Posts. The purpose of this update is to clarify the maintenance responsibilities of residents for these important curb appeal features.  Summary: The Mailbox must be BLACK. Mailboxes must be addressed to eliminate any peeling and fading paint and any rusting. Mailbox numbers that are peeling or missing...