SFMC – Financial Management

SFMC is the South Riding Proprietary financial management company.

All payments must be mailed to SFMC. Assessment payments are not accepted at the Town Hall office due to the fact they are processed as of the date of receipt at the bank or in the accounting department.

Phone: 703-392-6006  x 268

HOA payment address:
SFMC Financial Management
PO BOX 66571, Phoenix, AZ 85082

Management ID: 7085
Association ID: 000SRP (3 zeroes)
Property ID:  (10 digits long) Unique for every house

Requests for account statements should be submitted in writing by email to, please remember to include your property address.



The budget can be found here. 

Unit Type $ Variance explained here.

Register and create a login to view your HOA assessment in real time and print your account history.

Homeowners may use this form to submit a fee waiver request for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Participate in SFMC’s auto debit program. Complete and sign the authorization agreement and return it to SFMC along with a voided check. You may scan it to a pdf file and email it to, fax to (703) 392-5039 or mail to the address on the agreement. SFMC’s system automatically collects the correct assessment amount as established in the approved budget for that calendar year.

Make a one-time payment or register for recurring payments by E-Check or Credit Card through First Citizens (866-800-4656). A minimum 3% service charge is applied to credit/debit card payments. Each homeowner is responsible for addressing any assessment rate changes as established in the approved budget for that calendar year. (management and association id information listed above)