(Status: Under Construction)
We are redesigning the community’s entrance at
Route 50 and South Riding Boulevard.

5/16/2023 Update: Landscaping installations have started, grass has started to grow, additional electrical materials needed are on order, the white fencing is slated for removal later this year. We are looking forward to opening this park to the community.

 Sidewalk replacement

 (Status: starting 3/13)
Barons, Dabner, Demmerrit, Donovan, Flintonbridge, Golf View, Hussar, Justice, Lands End, Mink Meadows, Ocala, Scarlet, Tall Cedars, & Universal

Marking Process:

  • The sidewalk or section of sidewalks is identified as a hazard.
  • SR Staff marks the slab(s) with orange spray paint for tracking purposes and where appropriate to highlight a hazardous portion.
  • An asphalt cold patch may be applied or the concrete may be ground down as an interim solution to alleviate a trip hazard.
  • The sidewalk(s) are added to our tracking list.

Two to three times each year a request for proposal for sidewalk concrete work is solicited, bids are reviewed and approved by the Budget and Finance Committee.


Replacement Process:

  • Staff posts signage a few days before the vendor begins work asking that residents flag any irrigation heads. South Riding Proprietary is not responsible for damage to irrigation or invisible fencing placed within easements or that is not setback to allow for reasonable maintenance.
  • All sidewalks to be repaired or replaced will be marked with an ORANGE “X or BP”.
  • Please move your vehicle away from the marked sidewalk by 7:30 a.m
  • The contractor begins the work using a concrete saw to cut the slabs to be completed that day.
  • A bobcat with front forks lifts the concrete slab up out of the ground.
  • Another team cuts tree roots that have caused the slab to raise in the first place. They are careful to cut no more than 30% of the roots as 40% or more in one year is harmful to a tree.
  • Forms made of wooden two by fours are placed in the area and concrete is poured and leveled.
  • Another team comes in a few days later once the concrete has cured and removes the orange cones and forms.
  • A few days later another team comes to re-establish the surrounding area with seed & soil.

Please do not walk on any area being installed with new concrete for a minimum of 72 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Proprietary at or 703-327-4390