South Riding is proud to be part of the worldwide Little Free Library program.

Checking out/Returning books

• The general rule is “Take One Leave One” but if you don’t have a book to exchange please feel free to borrow without leaving a book.
• You are welcome to borrow books from any Little Free Library and return them to any Little Free Library.
• Once you pick your book, make sure the door is securely closed in order to keep the books shielded from the elements.
• If a book is damaged, please do not put it back in the library.
• If the Little Free Library is full, please either hold on to it and try again later or see if there is room in any of the other libraries
• Donations of Books Only, No magazines, text book, posting of flyers or leaving business cards.
• If you see some questionable material or damage to any of the books or the Little Free Library itself, please email as soon as possible.