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Please keep this deadline in mind as you plan your upcoming projects. Due dates apply exclusively to Applications Requiring Committee review. (See Design Maintenance Standards page 14 for information) 

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South Riding Proprietary uses the Application for Exterior Modification for all homeowner requests for an exterior home or lot change.


Helpful tips for successful Application submission:


Click on the photo below to review the guidelines to make sure you are within the community guidelines for maintenance and for any planned exterior modifications.

Community Guidelines

Protective covenants have been established to guide, preserve and maintain the overall aesthetic and to establish a harmonious community. These community standards protect our common goals of maintaining our community at its best. It is important all South Riding residents are aware of the rights and responsibilities imparted by the covenants.

Exterior Modifications

The South Riding Declaration states in Article 9, Section 9.4 Additions, Alterations or Improvements by the Owners. (a) Approval. (1) “No Person shall make any addition, alteration, improvement or change of grade in or to any Lot (…), without the prior written approval of the Covenants Committee. … “

Minor changes such as paint/stain color changes, storm door additions, landscaping upgrades, new play equipment, trampolines and basketball goals require approval. Please see the Design and Maintenance Standards for a complete list of items requiring approval.

A $50 assessment is required with Application for any projects started or completed prior to receipt of SRP approval.

Payment of the After-the-Fact Application assessment can be completed with Visa or Mastercard by following the link below.

Payment Link

You may also submit a check made out to South Riding Proprietary in person or by mail to 43055 Center Street, South Riding VA 20152.

1. Submit the completed Application and accompanying paperwork to Town Hall by any of the following methods.

* Personally deliver it to Town Hall located at 43055 Center Street during business hours of Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. After hours or over the weekend by leaving it in the secure slot to the left of the front door.

* Send it by email to

* Utilize the ‘online’ Application which automatically delivers the paperwork to the appropriate Staff.

2. Staff will review the paperwork within 1-3 days of receipt and request any needed clarification or additional components.

3. Once all of the components are in hand and the Application is complete, Staff will prepare the paperwork for the Community Standards Committee review at their next scheduled meeting.

4. The paperwork is sent to the volunteer residents that comprise the Community Standards Committee a week before their meeting to allow them ample time to review the paperwork and visit your home if needed.

5. The Community Standards Committee convenes their meeting and renders a decision on your Application.

6. The following day Staff prepares all decision letters and sends them all out by close of business. Pay close attention to the letter and any Committee stipulations or requirements. The only methods of delivery for the decision is email and U.S. mail. Please ensure you select EMAIL on page 3 of the Application if you desire the quickest notification method.


Pools, major additions and complete renovations and rebuilds are subject to additional review so please allow extra time in your project planning for review and approval.

In addition to the standard review of the Exterior Modification Application by the South Riding Community Standards Committee certain projects will require a review by an Independent Consultant. Projects that will require additional review include but are not limited to pool construction, major additions and tear down and rebuilds. This additional level of scrutiny is to protect both the homeowner doing the project and their neighbors. How will this impact your project?

TIMING – the initial review by the Independent Consultant will take 2-3 weeks once a completed application is received. Hopefully, their recommendation will be positive and the project can go before the Community Standards Committee at their next scheduled meeting.

BUDGET – The deposit will be required at the same time you submit your Exterior Modification Application which will be used to pay the Independent Consultant’s fees related to your project. This deposit will be held until the project is completed as approved and a final inspection has been performed. Depending on the complexity of the project and the actual cost of the Independent Consultant’s work, any surplus in the escrow account will be returned to the homeowner. Our goal is to diligently work to help minimize the out of pocket expense homeowners will incur for this service while ensuring the project meets our guidelines.

References: South Riding Proprietary Declaration, Article 9.1 (b) (2) and South Riding Design and Maintenance Standards Adopted November 6, 2014.

Article 9 of the Declaration of South Riding calls for the establishment of the Community Standards Committee appointed by the Board of Directors in order to assure that the Property shall always be maintained in a manner, providing for visual harmony and soundness of repair, avoiding activities detrimental to property values and aesthetics and promoting the general safety of residents and guests.

Section 9.2 (b) Modifications and Rules Enforcement further states “Review of the plans for any additions, alterations or modifications to the exterior of existing improvements located on the Property and possible violations of the Association Documents and Rules and Regulations by an owner, shall be conducted by the Community Standards Committee in accordance with Section 9.1.”

The Volunteers of the Community Standards Committee meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month (two additional meetings are held the 4th Wednesday in April and May). Completed Applications for Exterior Modification are due to the Community Standards Department 8 days prior to the meeting.

The Board of Directors authorized the implementation of a Staff review process of completed and properly submitted Applications in order to expedite the review process for minor changes. Examples of modifications which could be considered appropriate for Staff approval include, but are not limited to:

  • Storm Doors Minor Landscaping     Door/Shutter Color     Deck/Fence Stain   Light Fixtures      Window Replacement     Attic Ventilator    Car Cover     Under Deck Lattice   
  • Deck Privacy Lattice Roof Replacement     Basketball Goals    Trampolines     Play Equipment    Townhouse Fences     Existing Modifications that comply with SRP standards

Modification Completed


Take a minute to send in the Completion Notice to let us know your deck, patio, fence, etc. is built and you are enjoying it immensely. We will update our records, inspect the project first-hand and let you know if we have any questions or concerns about the finished product.

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