South Riding is a great community to live in and raise a family. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our community and its successes. They serve on the Board of Directors and on our numerous committees keeping everything in the community running smoothly, and they also work diligently at our many events throughout the year.

We are lucky to have such a dedicated group serving this community donating thousands of hours annually. It takes many hands and hearts working together on committees and at our events to achieve the standard of success upon which South Riding’s reputation is proudly built.

Opportunities to join our pool of volunteers is numerous and diverse. Volunteer a couple hours annually at just one event or make a regular commitment and join one of our committees at their monthly meetings. Annually in November, the Board of Directors honors volunteers who have served 8+ hours that year with a VIP party.

Check out our Committees and Events pages for additional information. SR Staff is available to answer additional questions or assist you in finding your role within the volunteer pool. In-person or phone appointments can be scheduled with designated Staff by sending an email to townhall@southriding.net.

Volunteer Spotlight

Tom Corej

Learn more about our wonderful volunteers…

Sheela Sriramoju

Learn more about our wonderful volunteers…

Judy Hartman

Learn more about our wonderful volunteers…

Ken Smith

Learn more about our wonderful volunteers…


Learn more about our wonderful volunteers…

Wes Elliott

Learn more about our wonderful volunteers…

Distinguished Service Awards 

2021 Award Recipients

Chris Jackson Coates
Dennis Villagomez
Gary Smith
Ken Walsh
Mark Pontello

Previous Years Award Recipients

Drew Ellis
Kevin Ubelhart

Michael Beardslee
Tom Corej

Michael Hardin
Wes Elliott
Andrea Arvalos

Meggan Walker
Pat Himes
Steve Schoenly
Tara Barton

Judy Hartman
Jerry Barton
Oluwole Stephen Faseru

Previous Years Award Recipients

Lisa Adams
Craig Garant
Anna Himes
Karen MacDowell
Teresa Pierce
Ramesh Sheth

Doug Hadsell
Kellee Herrera
Bill McMullan
Bob Michaud
Dario Valli

Megan Dempster
Tylor French
Shawn Huycke
Pallu Karmacharya
Arlyne Meyers

Previous Years Award Recipients

Todd McFarland
AnnMarie Morgan
Cameron Smith
Gary Smith
Tamiko Stooks

Val Cavalheri
Scott Fisher
Ram Kuppuswami
Michael Ryan
Jeff Salmon
Dave Smith
Kelly Williams

Alison Gittleman
Terri Lange
Ted Lange
Judy Hartman
Joe Strobel