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Featured News

TOMORROW November 1st C.Hess Orchard and Produce will be back

in South Riding at the parking lot behind the Town Hall from 10-2pm.

  • 2015 Budget & Assessments

    At its September 4, 2014 meeting, the South Riding Proprietary Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the Budget & Finance Committee, adopted the 2015 Operating Budget and schedule of assessments.     Assessment Summary January 1 – December 31, 2015      Detached Homes:   $76.90        (Common Expense $37.95, Recreation Expense $14.35 & Detached Home $24.59)    Detached Homes w/ Common Drive: $93.05         (Common Expense $37.95, Recreation Expense $14.35 & Detached Home $24.59 Common Drive $16.17) Common...

  • LCSO Reminds Residents to Lock their Vehicles and Remove High-Dollar Items

    The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to remove high-dollar items and garage door openers from their vehicles when left unattended. In the past several days, vehicles in our area were entered and were either rummaged through or items were taken.     The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is offering residents several tips for deterring thefts from vehicles:    • KEEP YOUR VEHICLE LOCKED. Most stolen items are taken...