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Featured News

Application for Exterior ModificationThe next Community Standards Committee Application submission deadline is September 5th for the September 11th meeting. Please keep the deadlines in mind as you plan your upcoming projects. Any questions can be directed to the Staff by email to Thank you.

Community Standards Home Inspections - The Community Standards Inspectors are currently working in Sections 12, 13 and 92.  Next sections to be inspected are 14, 15, and 93.

  • Envision Loudoun Releases Preliminary Report of Second-Round Public Input - August 2017

    A preliminary report on public comments related to the draft vision, goals and objectives collected during Loudoun’s “Envision the Future” workshops—the second in a series of public engagement workshops that are part of the Envision Loudoun process—was presented to the Envision Loudoun Stakeholders Committee at its August 14, 2017 meeting. A total of 1,712 unique comments from members of the public were gathered during the June community workshops, which were...

  • It’s almost time for our annual ‘Back to School’ photo feature!

    It’s almost time for our annual ‘Back to School’ photo feature!  This annual family favorite has become tremendously popular and we want to include everyone so we will just be publishing pictures! Photos will be featured in the October issue. To include your student(s) in the 2017 Back to School feature, please: • send your photo as .jpg file in the largest file size possible (We will NOT accept photos...

  • West Riding Open Space Survey

    Keeping our community competitive with the best amenities is part of our mission. We want to ensure that SRP “ is one of the best places to live and raise a family in Northern Virginia”. We need your input to help us identify community needs and desires. What do YOU envision as the best use of this West Riding open space parcel? Click HERE to complete the survey.

  • Stepping Stone vs. Formal Walkway Survey

    WHAT’S YOUR OPINION ON STEPPING STONE PATHS LOCATED IN FRONT, SIDE AND REAR UNFENCED YARDS? The current and long standing Walkways guideline in the South Riding Design and Maintenance Standards for single family and town homes is that walkways are to be 3 – 5 feet in width, installed flush to the ground in a professional workmanlike manner and set back 3 feet from the property line. The use of loose or individual materials such as...