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All Braddock Road Blasting related concerns should be addressed to PRK Drilling & Blasting, Inc. at 540-888-4959.

  • Next Covenants Committee Application submission deadline

    From the Covenants Committee: The next Covenants Committee Application submission deadline is December 1st (5 p.m.) for the December 9th meeting. Please keep this deadline in mind as you plan your upcoming projects. Any questions can be directed to the Staff by email to Thank you. **Pools, major additions and complete renovations and rebuilds are subject to additional review so please allow extra time in your project planning for review and approval.** ...

  • Design & Maintenance Standards omission

    We recently discovered an omission was made in the November 6, 2014 adopted version of the Design and Maintenance Standards under the Decks category. Heading C. on page 21 read Golf Course Lots and should instead read Carriage Homes on Golf Course Lots. Click here to view the correction.

  • 2016 Budget & Assessments

    At its September 3, 2015 meeting, the South Riding Proprietary Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the Budget & Finance Committee, adopted the 2016 Operating Budget and schedule of assessments.  We are happy to announce that the monthly assessments will remain the same as 2015.  Assessment Summary January 1 – December 31, 2016      Detached Homes:   $76.90        (Common Expense $37.95, Recreation Expense $14.35 & Detached Home $24.59)    Detached Homes w/ Common Drive: $93.05 ...