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Featured News

On behalf of PRK, the SRP would like to warn residents of construction blasting occurring near the intersection of Loudoun County Parkway and Nations Street.  


    The following streets will be milled and repaved starting September 30th thru October 2nd -CUNARD ALLEY, CORCORAN LANE, MCDEEDS LN, MCKENZIE LN, SOUTH RIDING BLVD   -PARKING SPACES near Town Hall: next to TH pool entrance, TH tennis court parking lot off Center St and spaces on Demerrit St. *All vehicles must be moved prior to 7am on September 30 from affected streets and parking spaces. This includes removing vehicles from garages on affected...

  • Do you have an architectural or construction background?

     If so South Riding is looking for a professional to review some of our more in depth Exterior Modification Submissions. Please contact Rebecca Lyons at for more information and please provide a brief background of your applicable experience. 

  • Exterior Modification Application Due Date Change

    Effective September 1st! The application deadline for completed Exterior Modification Applications is 5 p.m. on Tuesday the week prior to the scheduled meeting.  All deadline and meeting dates are posted on the calendar at

  • Political Signs in the Neighborhood

    Is it that time already? The Christmas sales and commercials are in full swing in October when families haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet! Political signs in yards, is it that time already? No, not quite, but we do anticipate that the upcoming political season will have many in the community involved and showing their favored candidate support. Out of respect for all of the neighbors of South Riding we respectfully ask that you...