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Featured News

  • LCSO Reminds Residents to Lock their Vehicles and Remove High-Dollar Items

    The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to remove high-dollar items and garage door openers from their vehicles when left unattended. In the past several days, vehicles in our area were entered and were either rummaged through or items were taken.     The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is offering residents several tips for deterring thefts from vehicles:    • KEEP YOUR VEHICLE LOCKED. Most stolen items are taken...

  • Exterior Modification Application Due Date Change

    Effective September 1st! The application deadline for completed Exterior Modification Applications is 5 p.m. on Tuesday the week prior to the scheduled meeting.  All deadline and meeting dates are posted on the calendar at

  • Political Signs in the Neighborhood

    Back to school advertisements and sales! Is it that time already? The Christmas sales and commercials are in full swing in October when families haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet! Political signs in yards, is it that time already? No, not quite, but we do anticipate that the upcoming political season will have many in the community involved and showing their favored candidate support. Out of respect for all of the neighbors of South...

  • Routine Home Inspection Notification Change

    Effective March 1, 2014, residents will no longer be mailed a post card informing them of an upcoming annual home inspection. Going forward, all sections which are scheduled to be inspected within the next six months will be listed in the South Riding Magazine and on our website.   If you are not certain what section you live in please click here.   In addition to the notification change, please be on the lookout for the...