A. The Elections Committee shall, for approval by the Board, develop and administer the procedures associated with each annual meeting of the Association and any other meeting at which a director or directors are to be elected, including but not limited to developing all of the necessary notices, forms, candidates’ forums, rules and administrative procedures related to such meeting.

B. The Elections Committee shall be responsible for causing the counting of all proxy/absentee ballots collected prior to each election, and for counting all ballots submitted at each annual meeting or other meeting at which a director or directors are elected, if applicable, and for certifying the vote taken in each such election.

C. The Elections Committee shall be responsible for making arrangements for guest speakers at each annual meeting, if so requested and approved by the Board.

D. The Elections Committee shall, for approval by the Board, be responsible for developing the agenda for each annual meeting and for any other meeting at which a director or directors are to be elected.


A. In accordance with Article 5.3 (c) of the Articles of Incorporation the Committee shall be comprised of one director whose term in not expiring at each annual meeting and at least two (2) other persons who are not directors.

B. The Board will solicit and appoint the members of the Elections Committee not later than the Board meeting held in September of each year and as applicable prescribe the Committee’s duties for the one year period beginning on the date the Committee is appointed.

C. A member of the Elections Committee shall not offer himself or herself as a candidate for election during his or her term of office on the Committee.

D. No member of the Elections Committee shall sign a Candidate’s Nominating Petition.


A. Committee members will nominate amongst themselves one member who shall be recommended to the Board to serve as Committee Chair.

B. The Committee may elect a Vice Chair from amongst the Committee members.

C. The Committee Chair, or in the Chair’s absence the Vice Chair or the Chair’s designee, will act as liaison between the Committee and the Board and Association staff.

D. By majority vote, the Board may remove Committee members from time to time, as it deems appropriate.

E. The Board will confirm all Committee Members upon a majority vote following a nomination by the Chair, or by a Member of the Board.

F. Quorum for all meetings of the Elections Committee will be established when a majority of the members is present at a meeting.

G. A majority vote of the Members present at a meeting at which a quorum is present will be required to carry a motion.

H. As the need is required the Elections Committee will meet once per month, on the first Monday, or as otherwise determined and announced.


A. The nature and scope of any Association-sponsored activity must be approved in advance by the Board. The Committee is advisory in nature only unless given specific direction or authority by the Board. All final decisions pertaining to the Association shall be made by the Board.

B. If the Committee determines that funds for the Committee’s operations are needed then the Committee will submit a budget request to the Budget & Finance Committee at the time prescribed by the Budget & Finance Committee.


A. This Charter shall remain in effect until amended or rescinded by the Board.

Board adoption: October 6, 2005