The following is the schedule for street Milling & Paving Work Notice in the streets below. We apologize for the inconveniences.
Affected Streets: Moonlight Alley, Latter Alley, Longmere Alley, Oleary Ln, Hobbit Alley, Evian Ln, Hetrick Ln, Nesbit Ln, Obrien Sq, Skill Ln, Tashmoo Ln, Shaler St, Pilgrim Sq.

Below is the tentative work schedule by our vendor (See map): (weather permitting) (subject to change if any scheduling conflicts arise)
Thursday, November 11th: Hobbit Ln, Evian Ln, Tashmoo Ln, Skiff Ln, Nesbitt Ln
Friday, November 12th: Obrien Ln, Oleary Ln, Longmere Alley, Latter Alley, Moonlight Alley, Hetrick Ln
Monday, November 15th: Pilgrim Sq
Tuesday, November 16th: Shaler Street

    • All vehicles must be moved prior to 7am on from affected streets and parking spaces. This includes removing vehicles from garages on affected streets if access to the vehicle is needed prior to completion of the project and “drying” time. *Note: Any vehicle left on an affected street or parking space will be towed to a nearby street that is not being paved.
    • Please mark any invisible fencing or sprinkler heads near the work area. *Note: South Riding Proprietary is not responsible for any breakage or displacement of items installed within easement areas.
    • Residents must stay off new pavement for 24 hours. Driving or walking on new pavement prior to allowing 24 hours to “dry”, may result in transfer of paving materials to tires, or footwear which may transfer to additional surfaces causing damage (i.e. vehicles, garage floors, clothing, etc.) *Note: South Riding Proprietary is not responsible for damage due to material transfer.