The objective of the Design and Maintenance Standards (hereafter referred to as D&MS) is to provide a consistent set of property change and exterior maintenance guidelines for use by South Riding homeowners, members of the Community Standards Committee, Board of Directors, as well as South Riding Proprietary and its Staff, in maintaining and enhancing the wonderful community of South Riding.

The South Riding Proprietary Community Standards Department Staff and Community Standards Committee Volunteers have read, re-read and are now presenting their proposed changes and updates to the South Riding Proprietary D&MS.

Listed below are some of the notable proposed changes that have been submitted to the Board of Directors for their review and consideration. The digital document in its entirety is available HERE for review.

Homeowners, please send any feedback and suggestions you may have to the Board of Directors by email to or by letter to Town Hall – 43055 Center Street, South Riding VA 20152. You will receive written acknowledgment of receipt of your submission by a member of the Staff. The deadline for feedback submission is close of business January 29, 2023. The Board of Directors will review all owner feedback at the February 2, 2023, Board meeting. All owners are invited to the Open Session of that meeting which begins at 7:00 p.m. at South Riding Center located at 42420 Unicorn Drive, South Riding.

What’s NEW?

• Pre-approved material and colors for the following areas:
o Pre-approved roof shingle colors. Helpful list for the residents to pick from. Page # 100
o Pre-approved shutter color-Black. Page # 108
o Pre-approved Composite Deck flooring & Railing colors & materials. South Riding Proprietary does not endorse any of the vendors, the list of color and material options is provided as a courtesy to residents. Page # 36

• Updated guidelines for Black Aluminum fences for Single Family Homes. This will give homeowners the option for Black Aluminum fences as long it is consistent height of 48 inches. Page # 57

• Updated guidance for Pool application submissions. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to set up an appointment with Staff, pool builders and any other contactors involved. Page # 94

• Explanation of the Independent Consultant review for certain projects. Page # 172

• Helpful Tips for securing a basketball goal. Page # 173

• Additional guidelines for Holiday Decorations and lighting power cords that run across a sidewalk must be secured to avoid any potential pedestrian hazards. Page # 75

• Updated Greenhouses & Temporary Portable Greenhouses. This will allow residents to have an option of a greenhouse that can be stored away when not in use and removed at the end of the winter season. Page # 71

• Updated guidelines to include swim spas- Hot Tubs/Spas/Swim Spas. Page #76

• Car Charging Stations power cords that run across a sidewalk must be secured to avoid any potential pedestrian hazards. Page #28

• We have a new photo example of the 1’ setback requirement in attached housing for the patio standard. Page # 90

• We addressed the use of temporary fire pits. They can be used but not stored in full view and no approvals required. Page # 65

• Vegetable Gardens maintenance requirements for all plant debris, plant cages and supports should be removed once the growing season is over. Page #122