Thank you to all SR homeowners and residents for their continued compliance with the signage standard. We respectfully ask anyone who still has a graduation announcement sign, contractor sign, promotional sign, or sign of support to remove them all from their lot.

It goes without saying this has been and continues to be an unprecedented year and everyone has been impacted in many ways across our country and our world.

Overall, SR neighbors have enjoyed the displayed yard signs these last months, full of announcements, congratulations, and support. However as we prepare to enter the Fall and yet another season of social distancing, remote working, and schooling, many community members are requesting our support in limiting signage on display throughout the community.

We respectfully ask that all graduation announcement signs, contractor signs, promotional signs, and signs of support be removed from display on all property lots located within South Riding Proprietary upon receipt of this memo. Please see the SR Signage Standard below or view our complete design and maintenance standards.

Thank you for your compliance we sincerely appreciate it.