Three candidates have submitted valid petitions for nomination for two open seats on the Board of Directors. Candidate profiles have been mailed to each home and voting is now underway.

Each home has one vote, and it is important that each household in the Proprietary votes in this election. Your vote is extremely important, as a quorum of 10% of the Owners is required to carry out the business of the Proprietary. Failure to reach the necessary 10% quorum requires a second mailing of this election mailer and ballot and the associated printing and mailing costs. By completing and returning your absentee proxy/ballot in the pre-paid envelope or by voting online you will help facilitate a valid election of the Board of Directors.

Votes for the 2021 Board of Directors election may be cast through May 24, 2021.  Online voting will end at 11:59pm and paper ballots must be received at Town Hall by 5pm.

Any questions about the Annual Meeting or the Election may be directed to or, if necessary, call 703-327-4390.


  • Login at the top right corner “Login” menu option, if you do not have a login click the “Register” button to create a login.
  • Once logged in go to menu option “Account” and select “Election Ballot Page” top right. You can also access the ballot page
    from the “User Profile” page.
  • Follow the instructions to submit your vote. You are only allowed to vote once.
  • Your last electronically transmitted proxy/ballot will be counted.
  • Online voting ends at 11:59pm, Monday May 24th, 2021.
Notice of the South Riding Proprietary Annual Meeting:

The Annual Meeting of Members of the South Riding Proprietary will be held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the South Riding Center located at 42420 Unicorn Drive in accordance with Section 2.1 of the Association By-laws. The meeting will also be available on Zoom, requests for the link must include your property address and can be sent to

By order of Steve Pasquale, Secretary, South Riding Proprietary Board of Directors.

Meet the 2021 candidates: